5 Things you should know about Delaney. V-Day Edition

So the weirdest thing has happened since the publishing of Did you think I'd Crumble. My husband who was the inspiration behind the character has been become "Book Bae". I've gotten messages all about him and his character. The funny ones are the apologies when they become aware that he is really my "Bae". Delaney's character has become a favorite and Ill tell you why today because its Valentines Day and I am feeling all the love from Chey and Delaney!

Character Visual of Delaney

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1. He's a lover: When writing I wanted to capture the idea of his love because in the book and in real life he never had a real relationship with his own mother. He was raised by his father so for him to be able to love like he did was something amazing. The lack of a mothers love is what made him yearn and desire that. He was confident that he was able to love her properly and that confidence is what stole her heart. He was willing to do whatever, however to get her to love him back.

2. He's Silly: Delaney has that strange and sometimes dark sense of humor. I think its a military thing. Throughout the book he makes you laugh and wonder "is he serious right now?" Most of the time he is. Another thing he is in real life, bat shit crazy. He says things that leave me stumped and in stitches.

3. He's a good father: The love he has for his daughter is beautiful. Fathers don't always get the appreciation or love they should get. We live in a society that fathers aren't vocal or even interested in being apart of raising the child. I love him for how he loves my kids.

4. He's a good friend: Things didn't really kick off for him and Chey until he was hired by her cousin to keep an eye on her. The minute he realized who she was he did the right thing and let Savon know what's was going on, he didn't sneak behind his back. Not only that he knew Cheyanne deserved more than to be a secret.

5. He has Green eyes, he's an Aquarius, country boy with a slight touch of hood, he is from Huntsville AL, so he ROLL TIDE until he dies. He's a sweetheart, very thoughtful, and strong.

Me and Chey share him, and we are lucky as hell.

Rated R.

Turning the music up louder with the remote Tank’s “When We” played as she got out of

the bed and started to move to the music. It was time for her to break out of the shell she was

forced in years ago. She was a grown and sexy woman, she had a sexy man in her bed that was

in tune with her body, and it was time she returned the favor. Remembering the class, she took

one weekend, she put her dancing skills to use as she wound her hips and body to the beat…

“I like it when you lose it

I like it when you go there

I like the way you use it

I like that you don’t play fair

Recipe for a disaster

When I’m just tryna take my time

Stroke is gettin' deep and faster

You're screamin' like I’m outta line.”

She was feeling herself as she dropped it low and slowly brought it back up. Walking

closer while running her hands through her hair, she spun and hit the split in front of him when

the beat dropped. Popping in the split, she came back up shaking her hair in his face, he loved

her shampoo and her soft afro in his face. Grabbing her softly by the hair he spun her around and

tossed her on the bed while biting his lip.

Giggling she asked, “You didn’t know I used to dance?” Raising one leg up to his

shoulder he trailed kisses down her long as he slowly entered her.

“Damn,” he uttered. Grinding to the music he sang the words to her…

“I could be aggressive (I could be aggressive)

I can be a savage (I can be a savage)

I just need your blessin' (I just need your blessin')

Say that I can have it, yeah.”

“Sssssss,” she released also grinding to the beat, their bodies moved to the beat together.

“Damn!” he screamed as he worked his way into her tight entrance. He felt blessed to be

the one that got to infiltrate her walls again and forever, this sealed the deal. He wasn’t going


“I love you, Chey,” he said as he stroked the middle. He was in heaven, she was his

heaven. Speeding up, he dropped her legs and grabbed her hip with one hand and placed his hand

over her neck with the other lightly choking her. He felt her cream all over his dick.

“Damn Chey,” he said as he went harder and harder, he wouldn’t be satisfied until her

screams were echoing off the walls as she was coming all over his dick. Flipping her over, he

grabbed a hand full of her hair and commanded her to throw it back.

Oh my God, she thought to herself.

“God can’t help you,” he said slapping her left ass cheek and then the right.

Slowing down he eased their bodies to the bed, laying her flat on her stomach and

spreading her ass cheeks apart he rubbed his dick up and down on her clit and watched her

whole-body shake and quiver.

"Do you want it?" he asked in her ear.

"Yesss... please, daddy.” Obliging and going deep until she screamed, moaned, and

yelled his name. Grabbing a hand full of her hair, he pulled her head back and passionately

kisses her. Knowing he couldn’t hold his release any longer, he lets his soldiers go.

“Fuucckkk,” he grunts. As he squeezes her ass cheek, with closed eyes.

Rolling on to his back, he sees Cheyanne throw her hair into a ponytail as “Forever

Yours” by Trey Songz starts to play. This was her jam and now it was her turn to make him

moan and scream.

Mounting him she slowly eased down on him and turns backwards. On cue with the

music, she began the ride of her life.

“I bet her panties on the floor now hey!

I can see it going down, I'm ready now

And I don't wanna wait another minute (no)

So I won't girl, I'm gonna handle business.”

“Damn baby,” he said leaning back with his arms behind his head. he watched in

amazement as her ass bounce up and down. Smacking one cheek, he damn near bit his lip off.

“Ride that shit, Chey,” he moaned.

Using one hand to guide her back, she rode faster and faster. Tightening her walls around

his dick, they both came together. Leaning up to hold her body close from behind, their chest

heaved up and down. Trey Songz continued to croon, the candles were flickering, as they basked

in the ambiance of their lovemaking.

“Gone so long girl I'm happy to be back

Guess I'm in the zone can't another nigga match

I hope she's naked in the bed

Promise I'ma do what these other niggas said they would if they could.”

“I love you too,” she whispered. Untangling herself, she rolled onto her back, letting her

body come back from the sky. She was ready to ball up and put her thumb in her mouth like a

small child. She didn’t think things could get any better than they were, but she was wrong. They

completely connected, the way he handled her body, he made sure she was satisfied. He took his

time and kissed and showed appreciation to every part of her body. She got a chill replaying the

love they made.

Pulling the covers up to her neck she prepared herself for a good night’s sleep, feeling his

arm extend over her torso she turned to face him and laid her head on his chest, not wanting this

moment to end. They lay next to each other eyes locked into a gaze as they enjoyed each other

until they both fell into a deep slumber.

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