7 Fiction Novels About Love and Loss

Hey Loves, Welcome to a look behind the book!

This year I decided to focus on the different types of tropes and wounds. I get so excited when I research a new one and get all the details because let’s be honest research can be fun and challenging. And I love a challenge. And that exactly what exploring new tropes has been for me.

Why you ask? Well, up until a few months ago I only knew of the basics. You know like friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, arranged marriages and such now I’ve got a list and a book and baby I’m on one.

I mean there’s a ton of different tropes, but the two I’ve explored recently are Office Romance and Love after Loss, well grief. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced either but they were fun and eye-opening to write about. Say for instance my latest release His Heart, Your Love, I struggled with one particular part. It was about my heroine LaMia, she’s pregnant with her late husband’s child but also falling in love with the hero. My question was:

Should Mia and Haven have sex while she’s pregnant with her late husband’s child?

The Dilemma! Lord, that decision was harder than I thought it would be. I even asked my reading group LOL. Some said it was tacky for her to have sex while pregnant with another man's baby. And as I type it sounds all sorts of tacky. However, the more progressive ladies said it was her body and no longer belonged to the husband. Both were good points and it probably shouldn’t have been a big deal but it was for me. It was something I never thought about. And something I never want to experience I bet you wonder what I decided…. Well, you’ve got to read yourself to find out.

In the meantime, I compiled a few more books that also explore love after loss or love after grief. Because although the trope is the same the style of writing and storytelling will always be different. I’m interested in seeing how we’ve all managed to pen the same thing in different ways!

7 Novels About Love after Loss to check out:

His Heart, Your Love - C.Monet

When My Soul Met A Thug - Jessica Watkins

Scorned: Healing the Heart of a Queen - Tucora Monique

Losing Lyric - L. Renee

Leave Me Lonely - Ash Ley

The Six Stages of Grief - Danielle Corleon

Love After Loss - Harleigh Rae

Check them out and let me know the differences you spot or notice!

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