A Haunted Engagement

Good Morning Loves, Me and my pen sis Aubree Pynn did a short fun story for Halloween. Check it out!


From the moment I woke up this morning until I got home I’d been putting up with Ronnie’s juvenile pranks. From the clown mask hanging from the shower head, which almost caused me to lose my life. To the stuffed clown he placed on my back seat that I only saw after I got to work. Imagine looking out your office window and seeing my scary ass scream, throw my coffee to the ceiling and fight my door to get out.

I hated Halloween. And I was more than positive that I hated Ronnie. He was one prank away from being a single man. I loved him but his ass was annoying. Not only was he annoying I was starting to think that he was slow as hell too. We’d been together all of five years and the only thing he had sworn his life to was his Xbox. I loved Ronnie, but his ass was childish. That was the only way to explain it.

I eased my car into the driveway to be sure that he’d hadn’t set up anything that was going to potentially give me another heart attack. Cautiously, I walked into the house looking around corners and behind the door. He wasn’t home yet from work but who knew what he set up before he left. After finding that he hadn’t taken any extra steps to be childish as hell, I sighed in relief.

My plans for the rest of the night were taking a bath, drink some wine, ignore those snooty nosed trick or treaters by turning all the lights off. I had every intention to sit in the middle of the living room eating Chinese and watching Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Without Ronnie being here, I could get a head start on my to do list. Taking a bottle of wine and a glass from the kitchen, I hiked the stairs to the master bedroom. Once I got to my bedroom, I placed the bottle and glass down as I peeled out of my clothes.

“Pick up the phone baby!” rang out from the pocket of my blue scrubs. With a huff and a roll of my eyes. I answered it. “Yes Ronnie.”

“Could you sound like you missed me all day? I know you just got off but I need you to come get me?” he sounded off in my ear.

“What’s wrong with the car now?” I groaned.

Ronnie’s car was held together by duct tape and the prayers of the elders. He made good money but I couldn’t understand why he continued to drive that death mobile around. There was no love strong enough to have me driving something like that. I refused to get in that damn car with him.

“I don’t know, I’m having it towed. I’ll take you out for dinner just come get me please.”

I agreed, hung up and threw on some leggings and a hoodie. “There goes my plans.”


I know my girl Fayven thought I was childish for all my Halloween tricks. I knew she hated Halloween, but I also knew she loved a nigga dirty drawers. Fayven was the ying to my yang. Where I was senseless she was sensible. It all worked out. Luck had found me and there wasn’t anything she could do to get rid of me. I smiled as I watched her pull up in her 2017 Lexus.

“You know full damn well you need a new car, Ronnie,” she said fussing and rolling her neck as she hopped out of the car like she was a damn mechanic.

“I don’t want a new car, ain't nothing wrong with ole faithful.”

“Well it looks like some shit is wrong with it if you ask me. Look Ronnie, you got tape on the damn bumper. You got a damn push light as a headlight,” she said pointing out the qualities about my car that made it great.

“I can’t let go of this car because it means so much to me. Remember the first day we met, I pulled through the Sugar Shack and met my damn soulmate. Baby this hooptie is a symbol of our love. That shit don’t quit,” I mentioned as she laughed and rolled her eyes.

“I hate that you just compared our love to a hooptie, but I guess. Let’s go it's getting chilly out here. And look there’s a crackhead over there singing off key.” This was the only difference between me and Fayven, she was boujie as fuck and I was cooler than the other side of a pillow. It worked until it didn’t work. I was from the hood and my baby was from the burbs. She came from a bible beating family.

Until I met her I had never met anyone that didn’t celebrate Halloween. I was shocked and appalled that someone had robbed my baby of the fun all the hood kids knew and held dear to our heart. It was hard not knocking the black off her father for being the robber.

“Before we go home, I want to know if you trust me.”

“Ronnie, I just got off and I ain't in the mood for anymore of your games. You this close to sleeping on the couch,” she replied with her thumb and pointer finger close to touching. I knew she was mad about all the shit I did today, but it was all in fun and preparing her for the biggest moment of her life. The one thing she had been asking for was right around the corner.

“Binkie do you trust me or not?”

“Yes, I trust you. Now can we go before we get robbed.”

“Let me take you to a haunted house? I got your back and I won’t let anything happen to you.” She chewed on it for a long time. And the time she took would be the moment we got robbed by the junkies littering the streets like zombies. I stepped closer and cupped her chin. I placed a soft kiss to her lips and watched her come unglued. I stepped out of her space and pleaded with my eyes. She was ready to agree.

“Why must you keep trying to taint me?”

“I tainted that pussy a long time ago. Say yes.” She nodded her head and we slipped into the car. I plugged in the haunted houses address into the GPS. I texted a few of my homies and some of her girls to make sure they would be in attendance. Everyone advised that they were waiting on us and we headed in that direction. I prayed everything went as expected, she deserved it.


Ronnie really had me in the middle of nowhere looking crazy as hell. I stood in the parking lot with my arms wrapped around my body. I wasn’t fully dressed for this weather because I thought I was going back home. But clearly I was wrong. It was no secret that I loved Ronnie and I would probably follow him off the edge of the earth if I had too. But being here looking at this tattered house was stirring a feeling in my gut that I couldn’t shake.

“Stop worrying, Binkie,” he spoke wrapping his arms around my waist and leading me to the steps of the house. “Didn’t I say I got you?”

I didn’t reply just chewed on my lip as we walked up the steps, paid our fee and started going through this scary ass house. Gripping his shirt for dear life, I stay close as possible. Apparently my flinching at things that I thought were there was making Ronnie laugh.

“Nothing is funny,” I grunted wearily looking around at the skeletons, spider webs, bats and array of other spooky decorations. I wasn’t used to this shit. I wanted to go home. There were no whips and chains there.

“You’re funny, relax. Let’s go over here. This shit over here is boring,” he directed pulling me along with him.

“Ronnie, no,” I whined while he gently dragged me across the creaking floor into a room that flashed with red lights. “Red means stop. We should go back over there.”

He pulled me into his arms, letting the door close behind us and looked down at me. “I told you I got y-”

“AHHH SHIT! NO GET ME OUT OF THERE!” I screeched seeing a clown pop out the closet and start walking over to us.

My heart was about to jump out of my chest. My eyes bulged out of my head. All I could do was point at the clown with an evil grin plastered across his face. Those glowing green eyes were focused right on me. This was how I died. I felt like I was on the verge of death. I knew better than to walk my ass into the house with Ronnie. I knew better than to agree. But I couldn’t get my words together to yell at him.

All I could do was hold on to him as tight as I could. “Ronnie, I swear to God get me out of here!”

Ronnie glanced over his shoulder and started laughing. “It’s just a clown.”

“Fuck you! It’s not just a damn clown!” I screamed letting him go and running over the door and pulling on the knob. “Are you kidding me? It’s locked.”

I’m not sure what Ronnie was doing but he wasn’t moving fast enough for me. I yanked on the door, I ran my body into it but I was having no luck. I swear to God and everything that I loved that I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t get out of here. Turning around to see Ronnie snickering while talking to the screen of his phone was sending me into orbit.

“Are you serious right now? I am about to die and your on Facebook!” My voice was now laced with aggravation and fear. “You don’t see that clown just wading in the water to kill us. I swear to God Ronnie, I’m going to let him take your ass first!”

“Fay, just calm down!”

“I’m not about to calm down!” I grunted clawing at his phone. I succeeded in knocking it out his hand but my swift action made the clown get closer to us. “Ronnie, you want to live stream this like it’s funny? You know what’s funny the paint on your hairline!”

“Damn,” he muttered picking up his phone. “You didn’t have to do me like that.”

“Ronnie stop playing with me!”

“I’m not playing with you. Don’t make him come over here!”

My jaw dropped and my eyes narrowed. Before I could fix my mouth and cuss him clean out the clown rushed us. I think I peed myself a little. The clown grabbed Ronnie and dragged him out of the room and then the lights went out.

“Okay! Ronnie this shit isn’t funny! I’m not playing anymore. Get me out of here!” I cried like a baby. Balled up in a corner with my knees pulled to my chest waiting for anything to happen.

It was pitch black and the silence was deafening. This was not fun. This was torture. When I got out of here I was going to kill Ronnie.


After seeing how terrified Fayven was I thought was plan was failing. I honestly didn’t think none of this shit was scary. Hell, have you ever been in your own home and bullets rain out. That was some scary shit. This was just all fun and games, but my baby didn’t see it that way. With the clown dragging me out it gave me time to prepare for my last step. I prayed she still loved me once this was all said and done.

“Aye, she in there freaking the fuck out. I gotta do this and make it count. Y'all ready?” I asked as they all nodded. Her friends had their arms crossed just as pissed as Fayven. It was better to be pissed off than pissed on was my thought. However, I knew this was not the best idea and definitely not the most romantic way to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. But if this was what she wanted I needed her to know one thing…. I would never let anything hurt her.

I grabbed my phone and made sure I was still live and entered back into the room. She was balled up in the corner praying like I knew she would be. “Ronnie, is that you?” she called out into the red room. The clown was laughing hysterically. And all her praying went out the window. “I swear to God if your ugly, psychotic ass touches me I’m going to knock your fucking head clear across this room. Try me if you want to.”

“Bae, chill I got you. you know I got you right?” I asked as I came a little closer. Her body was shaking and I thought maybe I had gone too far.

“Ronnie, I don’t know a damn thing right now other than you need to get me the fuck out of this place before I lose it.”

“No, say you know I got you for the world to see.”

“Why are you like this? Tell me, did you sniff paint when you were younger? Something isn’t right in that head of yours.”

“It may not be, but luckily I’ve learned to follow my heart and not my head. Fayven, I know it's been a long time and you probably thought I would never make an honest woman out of you. Hell I don’t can’t even say what’s taken me so long because I’ve always been sure it was you.

From day one you’ve been the light, the calm, and the storm. You’ve been the one pushing me to do and be better. I love you, and I’ve known it from day one. I think spending the rest of my life with you is more terrifying than this haunted house, simply because I never want to disappoint you but that’s apart of life. With that being said the only thing more terrifying is letting another second go by without asking you to make me the happiest man alive by saying you’ll marry me,” I admitted as the lights flashed on. I was now down on one knee with a ring fit for a queen, my queen. The room was littered with rose petals and all of our photos. She stood stunned with tears in her eyes. I waited patiently, because she had waited so patiently for me.

“Ronnie, although I could kill you for all you’ve put me through in these last thirty minutes, I still know that you are, and all your quirky ways are the best thing to ever happen to me. Yes, yes I will marry you.”

As I slipped the ring on her finger our friends cheered, and the lights went out again. This wasn’t a part of the plan and now my heart was beating out of my chest. “Turn the lights back on, damn. Can't y'all see I’m trying to be romantic?”

I reached for Fayven but I couldn’t find her. I looked all around the room and spotted a midget coming my way. I screamed for dear life and tried my best to get out of the near by window. The midget had my feet, and it was fucking me up. My biggest fear was a midget trying to take my body as their own. “yo, help let me out this bitch. Listen, man I’m sorry you vertically challenged but that aint got shit to do with me. Be cool.”

The lights cut back on and Fayven was crying from laughing so hard. I was pissed and ready to snatch my ring off her damn finger for fucking with my emotions like this.

“You are not the only one with tricks up their sleeve. Let's go home so we can get out these pissy ass clothes,” she said with a laugh I didn’t appreciate.

“All’s fair in love and war!” I muttered with my own soiled clothing.

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