Are you my reader?

Hey yall hey!

It's blogging day and let me just say my group has been absolutely no help with blog ideas LOL.

So here we are just going with the flow. Which I don't mind considering my zodiac sign.

Are you my reader is mostly about me sharing my ideal reader. So, please don't take this the wrong way. But if you do there's not much I can do about it. It's just time I attract or deter readers, in the easiest way I know how. 2021 is among us and I don't want to drag you in if you don't wish to be here. I love my readers and I tell them often, I also show them. However it's time to clean up and make sure I'm tailoring my content to those that want to read and hear from me.

It's not personal, it's just business. Today I'm sharing my avatar, for purposes like this. The purpose of having an ideal client in mind is so you can ensure you are reaching them and connecting. I write books but I'm far from an introvert. I'm a lover of people and I'd do anything for a lot of people. So when I write and share my stories I'm doing it to connect with strangers on a level some may never get. We all share something and that's life... a life that none of us live without some level of struggle or pain. Even the privileged struggle with something. So if I can share my truth and remind someone of hope thats who I want reading my work.

Without further a do here's my Ideal Reader:

Alisha (thats her made up name) is a female within the age range of 21 to 45, a mom, possibly a single mom, middle class in the United States (preferabbly southern) because I'm a southern girl to the core. She's remarried or looking for marriage, even when she's not actively looking. Alisha is African American ethnicity, but doesn't have to be. She has some college or soon to be graduating from college or at least looking and living in her passion. My girl loves a good glass of wine after a long day, cooking, hanging out or being home because reading is a form of self care and home is safe. She has a bubbly personality, laughter is good for the soul. She's not into drama unless it's brought to her and if it is her words alone will bring you to your knees. 'Look Ma No Hands'😂

Hobbies: reading, eating, dancing, painting, listening to music, and loves a good cookout. See eating previously lol.

Fave Shows: Golden Girls, Love is Blind, Love and Hip Hop, Crime shows, All Rise, Hallmark is her channell.

Fave Movies: Grease, Classics, Brown Sugar, Love Jones, Rom Com's, The Best Man

Fave Music: H.E.R, Jhene Aiko, Megan thee stallion, Snoh A, Yuna, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Summer Walker, Ari Lennox, A little rap because she's not against a good turn up.

Values: old fashioned love, old fashioned values, men take care of the women, raise your kids right

Challenges: work is a bummer, looking for a passion, dating is low key ghetto lol

Alisha would read my book for hope, an escape and to live through my words, also relate. Normally reading after work or on the clock, she's a renegade. She'd also read my work for life lessons and mistakes. Appreciate them and appreciate me sharing so someone else doesn't make them. I'm solving the problem of them thinking that they are alone in a world full of people, unworthy, and depressed. My reader is not fighting the fight alone. My words remind them that life can change for the better as soon as they raise their gaze.

She's also healing from past relationships or maybe a current relationship is nearing an eye opening moment. She could also be raising kids alone but starting over. Looking to find her passion and make something of herself that's not tied to anyone. This is hers and hers alone. She could struggle with codependency, but she's not a follower, not biased. She's open minded and hearted.

If you are Alisha then WELCOME TO MY TRIBE! Visit the ebooks page and grab a read! And this is not to say that you aren't my reader if all this doesn't fit this is simply me saying who my reader is in my mind. I love you all.... PERIOD.

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