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Today we have Lovely Ann stopping by to chat with us. Welcome... Welcome

I always like to start with asking you to tell us a little bit about yourself to get us started.

Lovely Ann: I am lovely Ann born and raised in Kansas City, 35, married with 3 children. Writing has always been my passion since I was younger. Right now I am currently an indie author. I was signed for a year and I have 1 completed series (Loving a Kansas City King) my 3rd book and 4th book are on the way I’ve completed the 3rd book and I’m working on the 4th book now.

Me: Well Congratulations on going indie. That's a major step to take. I wish you luck. Tell me,

when did you fall in love with writing?

Lovely Ann: I was in the 7th or 8th grade writing stories at home

Me: Why did you make the decision to become a published author?

Lovely Ann: Its always been a dream of mine.

Me: Who is your biggest supporter? And how?

Lovely Ann: My husband is my biggest supporter. He pushes me when I feel like just giving it up at times.

Me: Who/What is the biggest influence with your writing style?

Lovely Ann: Marriage is what I like to focus my story lines on

Me: That's awesome and unique. So tell me your favorite quote/song that gets you in the mood to write:

Lovely Ann: I don’t have a favorite song I just turn on some of the slow jams from back in the 90's and just get to work

Me: Amen Amen, they don't make music like that anymore. What genres do you write or wish to write?

Lovely Ann: Urban romance

Me: Urban romance is so much fun its one of my favorite genres. When it comes to writing, are you a morning person or a night owl?

Lovely Ann: Morning and sometimes if I can't sleep cause the characters are on my mind I’m up at late nights getting some writing done.

Me: What does a writing session look like for you?

Lovely Ann: Getting at least 4 to 5k done a day

Me: Describe your latest release in one word:

Lovely Ann: That Happily Ever After Kinda Love is basically about a football player (Cameron) who is looking for love in all the wrong places till one day he comes across Sidney and they fall in love but her past (Sean) makes its way back to her present and tries to destroy their relationship. Cameron has a jump off name Patience who can't seem to let go tries everything she can to break them up till one day she ends up in the hospital beat to the point she lost her baby and will never have kids again. after being beaten and almost losing her life she has a new found look on life and finds new love while in the hospital.

Me: What are some of your goals as an author?

Lovely Ann: I would love to be somebody’s favorite author one day. I’d also like to hit the top of the charts soon.

Me: What would you tell an aspiring author?

Lovely Ann: Never give up and keep pushing

Me: What can the reader expect from reading one of your novels?

Lovely Ann: A reader can expect some strong women in my first series who have their men’s back and also they can expect to laugh.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to chat with me. Its a pleasure to chat with other authors. We all have so much in common.

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