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My lovely readers please forgive my delay. I know we were supposed to have a spotlight last week but things got a little crazy. So without further delay lets welcome Author Fatima. She is the author of 30 plus books (ques round of applause) so far and more to come. Chicago native Fatima Munroe always knew she would write. As a winner of numerous awards for composition and an avid reader since she was young, Fatima cultivated a career in literature. Fatima obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management online while completing management training in her chosen field. Taking a step out on faith, Fatima resigned her career and returned to her first love of writing. After the untimely passing of her father, Fatima resolved to make her dream a reality, and sent a few chapters of a story to three publishing houses, finally settling on one that she felt would cultivate her dream. To date, she has authored multiple titles and contributed to numerous anthology series. Currently Fatima resides outside of Atlanta, Ga.

Me: Fatima 30 books that's impressive. So tell me... what can the reader expect from reading one of your novels?

Fatima: Something different. I pride myself on being the author who doesn’t write the typical dope boy stories in urban fiction. My books have real characters who go through real situations, and those situations may or may not resonate with everyone. That’s ok, though, because 90% of the content in my books comes from a situation I’ve either been through, or know someone who has gone through it (with the exception of my erotic novella, lol!).

Me: What would you tell an aspiring author?

Fatima: My advice would be to have a few test readers read over their work prior to sending it out to a publisher, preferably someone who will give them honest feedback. Partner with a mentor in the industry who can show you the ropes. Know your base audience and write without assumptions. Stay true to your craft. Not everyone will support you and that’s ok, celebrate those who do. Never gift more than five copies of your new release, and use Amazon Giveaways when you do.

Me: Describe your latest release in one word.

Fatima: Poignant.

Me:What is one myth you would like to clear up about the literary world?

Fatima: Pay no attention to Amazon ranking, reviews, or whether readers are stalking you with a flash light. Everyone has a base audience, write based on your ability to deliver a quality story to that audience.

Me: When it comes to writing, are you a morning person or a night owl?

Fatima: With as much as I have on my plate, anytime creativity strikes, lol!

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