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It's been a minutes since I blogged and I missed it so much. Well I'm back with a few things to say.

But first, let me tell you how beautiful and magnificent you are!

Today's blog has been something that I've been on for a minute. It all started when I started watching this show called The Bold Type on Hulu or Free Form who ever you have for your network. Let me tell you how much I love this show..... ALOT! The show follows three friends in the big apple. They all work for this big magazine but each of them have different stories, different backgrounds and different jobs.

Now I know that doesn't sound like anything different but what I love to see is how BOLD they are, add in the fact that they truly love one another. they support each other, they keep it real with each other and the push each other. I also love that they are young. It gets me to thinking about my life between 19-25.

Those were hard years and looking back I felt like I had no one. My best friend was gone in the military, serving her country. Our ice cream vent sessions stopped, our just hanging out and being silly stopped. We were both parents and not even close to knowing shit about being grown and it showed big time. I needed what these girls have. I needed like my next breath.

I took a poll in my group about this age range and a lot of missed out on this type of millennial -ish. Vacations with our girls, lunch dates, brunch just because, confidence and just being bold and what we wanted. We did what we had to for survival.

Is it our fault? I don't know but I know that right now the need for women to be empowered is crucial. Women are doing major things. And I personally want to be apart of it. I want to push confidence and being a boss to every woman I come in contact with. I want my daughter to know that at nineteen it's OK for her to live her best damn life and not apologize for it. Go to college, party, learn your body, learn yourself, love yourself , love your body, stand up for something, get a tribe and uplift your tribe. We need more sisters and less enemies and competition.

I'm hella inspired right now. After watching Beyonce's Homecoming, this movie called Something Great on Netflix, listening to Megan Thee Stallion, watching the Bold Type, supporting my pen sisters and also watching my best friend move how she moves with supporting black businesses, helping recovering addicts get back on their feet. I'm into this with my whole heart.

It's flowing and pushing me to higher heights and deeper thoughts. I don't have a large platform but right now my next few books will be full of boss women living boss ass lives. I've already started with Breaking Dawn. (you can check it our here). We cant sit back anymore and wonder how life would be IF we did this. We have to do it now. The time is now. Times up for sitting around waiting for others to do it. WE can do it. We must do it.

The photo above was the inspiration for my set of characters for the Love Under New Management series. BOLD ASS WOMEN! We have Dawn owner of Break of Dawn strip club. We have Toni who is also part owner but she is a finance consultant and we have Belize a free spirit. Toni is next up coming May 6th. I've fallen in love with these characters because each of them have a story that needs to be told but most importantly they were created to get you hella inspired. We can be anything we want to be. We can rewrite our story.

I want to open your mind and hear from you. How can you inspire? How can we do this together?

Below us a small snippet of a speech Dawn provided at Got Passion ( you know the place i'm going to eventually build like Cheyanne, yea that place).

“I stopped thinking that the only way to touch women was in my own little bubble. That was the biggest revelation ever. God calls, qualifies and authorizes, and he can do that for you. It begins with identifying your qualifications, then I want you to lean into your destiny and finally, you have to commit to seeing it through. Commit to your passion and cultivate it. Because it’s not always about your ability but how committed you are to seeing something through. Don’t be afraid. Fear hinders, it destroys, and it stagnates. We’ve been held back for too long, don’t do it yourself. Sometimes the hardest thing in this culture is to go confidently in your skill. Go with confidence into a boss mentality and don’t let anyone take it from you. People will come, things will pop up but the one thing that doesn’t have to change is your confidence"

Its OK to be BOLD. Its OK to stand tall.

Drop me a line and lets takeover the world. One woman at a time. Be Bold. Do you. For you.

Sincerely, The Bold Type

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