How often do you celebrate? Do you only celebrate with friends? Do you celebrate only the big wins?

Today I want to chat about celebrating all things. For the longest I wanted someone to celebrate me. I always found myself waiting for that that pat on the back, the high-five, or the " I'm proud of you " hug to come from my loved ones. Sometimes it never came. That left me not celebrating my own WINS. I'd sweep them under the rug as If they weren't important because I mean they weren't right if nobody celebrated them! WRONG!

All wins are important and deserve to be celebrated. The fact that you are even attempting to win is cause for celebration. Change is hard, having faith is hard, smiling is hard, starting that business is hard, loving those that aren't worthy is hard, quitting a bad habit is hard. All these things are so hard that some don't even start the process. But you did Celebrate!

Lately I've been advocating for all my friends that want to stop smoking. There's a lot of information on how to quit smoking and the reasons to quit but to me there's a lack of support for those that are attempting to quit. Non smokers don't understand the struggle. Some don't understand how addictive cigarettes can be. I've learned that when people cant relate to your struggle it causes them to downplay your struggle! Don't let them!

And for the non smokers.....Its not easy!

I am approaching 3 months free of cigarettes and the one thing I learned and have been telling my friends is that you have to celebrate each win. If you normally smoke 6 cigarettes a day and you only smoked 5 today CELEBRATE that. So many on the journey to freedom are extremely hard on themselves. Its ok to be hard on yourself but don't be so hard on yourself that you don't pat your self on the back for even the smallest accomplishments.

I always ask " did you do better than yesterday?" Its always a YES! Well CELEBRATE that.

Some accomplishments may seem small to others but that doesn't mean it has to be small to you. Don't disregard your accomplishments because you are afraid no one will celebrate with you. Learn to celebrate alone for everything and anything.

Lost Weight but haven't reached your ultimate goal? CELEBRATE and keep pushing!

Trying to save money but didn't save all the amount you wished to save? CELEBRATE

Wrote out your goals but haven't started? CELEBRATE

Saturday I finally finished this website you are now viewing and hopefully subscribed to. One word: INTENSE. The intensity almost caused me to give up. I am not a web designer and I'm not really tech savvy, I was overwhelmed but I kept at it. Between Layouts, enter this text, and design this or that I felt like I was back in the MySpace days only there are no Lil Bow Wow or B2K backgrounds and there's no BBD playing in the background. But last night I was able to go to bed with a completed and published website, and I did it all by myself. It felt good to accomplish something. I fist pumped and celebrated after each step I mastered all by myself. I didn't wait for anyone to celebrate for me or with me, I celebrated that success and it felt good.

Its time to start celebrating the small wins, large wins, and secret wins. If you've been working on something or attempting to accomplish something. I encourage you to celebrate while you wait and whistle while you work.

Be you Do you For you

#Celebrate #Smallwins

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