Coming Tomorrow!

Dropping Tomorrow! "Her aura was like quicksand, it sucked you in with little effort." -Thor 


This is an urban love story with an otherworldly twist. Meet Trulicity Rose, a young, beautiful, and opinionated private investigator from Raven's Pointe who finds herself tasked with what she feels is an impossible assignment. Taking down Damien Thorn, the next senator and also her first love. 

Fear of doing the one thing she doesn’t want to do which, is fall back in love with Damien Thorn she questions whether her gifts are strong enough to protect the heart Damien broke.

Accepting this job and bringing Damien to his knees would be the ultimate payback for the pain he caused. However, Tru isn’t sure being in his spellbinding and consuming presence won’t bring old feelings that never died to resurface. 

Will Rose accept the job and bring down her one true love? Or will love win as it always does? Find out in Thorn to my Rose.  

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