Have you ever had an ex that you wanted to go back and ask him did he really think he would hurt you…cause you to fall to your knees? Did he REALLY think you would crumble due to his wrong doings? From new author, C. Monet, comes a chaotic masterpiece that revolves around the lives of married couple Cheyanne and Lavelle Baltimore. Their lives are far from the fairytale marriage that everyone prays to experience. Where love is supposed to be the nucleus to every marriage, their nucleus was chaos.

The highs and lows of thirty-year-old Cheyanne Baltimore are penned in this debut novel. See, Cheyenne was like every woman that wants the ‘American Dream’. And after marrying her high school sweetheart Lavelle Baltimore, she thought she had just that. But her dream quickly turned into a nightmare and chaos. With the constant infidelity, endless lies and frequent drug use by Lavelle, Cheyanne loses herself in her marriage and becomes a shell of her former self. Their marriage is turned upside down when the one secret that Lavelle desperately tried to keep, comes to light, it is at that point that Cheyanne reaches her breaking point and finds herself wanting to run right out of the small town that she calls Home Sweet Home.

But when you’re married to the most prominent family in town, Cheyenne soon finds out that leaving won’t be as easy as she thought; especially with a mother-in-law like Eva Baltimore, who will do everything in her power to make sure that her family is reflected in a positive light, even if it means getting her hands dirty. Everything that was once familiar to Cheyanne is now foreign. Lavelle’s secret that crippled their marriage seems to open a chain of events in Cheyanne’s life and she finds herself questioning everyone and everything. She has done all that she could to make her marriage work, but it seemed the more she forgave him, the more she endured. With Cheyanne losing hope, it feels like everything around her is crumbling, but will she will endure through it all or will she crumble too?

Find out in the first installment of Did You Think I’d Crumble?

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