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*unedited sneak peek*

“I’m leaving, y’all have fun” Serene said grabbing her clutch off the bar. She wouldn’t be staying in the American Legion a minute longer. Her head was hurting, she had class in the morning and her attitude that she tried so hard to suppress was rearing its ugly head. Serene had to stay focused if she wanted to graduate on time, her classes were stacked, and she had no time for the American Legion and the winos that were in attendance. 

“Serene, Serene” she heard Jade yelling behind her. Proceeding out the club she decided she wouldn’t be stopping for Jade or for anyone else. She was leaving and that was final. “Serene, please just stay 30 more minutes. It’s my day remember” Jade asked. “Jade, I swear you better tell me the truth on why we here on a Wednesday night? You could have had something on the weekend when I don’t have class” Jade wasn’t slick, nor had she ever been a good liar. There was a reason she was here and a reason Serene had to stay. “It’s Lewis, his friend “Young Luke” paid me $100 to have you here, you can’t leave. I need this money for my trip. I know you heard some of his music. He’s the next big thing coming. Please stay for a minute” Jade pleaded. “Please” “Listen Jade, I don’t give a shit what your dumb ass boyfriend asked you to do, you should’ve ran this by me before you coerced me to come here. Lewis is your nigga not mine. I could care less about some young duke or whatever his name is. I’m not a charity case.” Serene screamed over the music. “Serene his friend wants to get with you and this was the only way I could think of. Please don’t be mad at me” “Jade get out of my face, I don’t need help getting a boyfriend, I simply don’t want one.” she screamed. She didn’t need help, she wasn’t ugly by any means, she had the looks in the bag. She was working on her right now. And a boyfriend or fuck buddy would slow her down, so Jade needed to back up and quit playing matchmaker. “Serene it’s been a whole year since you dated or even had any fun. Stay please?” Jade asked. “Jade why is it so hard for you to respect my decision? I’m not looking for love in the club, I’m not looking for a lasting love, and I’m not looking for a sponsor.” She said on the verge of tears. Jade went low and she knew it. “Hey Serene” she heard. Looking up she was staring right at Lewis and who she assumed was his friend. She couldn’t believe Lewis, this was supposed to be Chuck’s best damn friend and here he was attempting to pawn her off on his low budget Chingy look alike gremlin of a friend. “I’m leaving so whatever you had planned you can cancel it. Chuck was your best damn friend, and this is how you do him? You are unbelievable” she said with a slap across his face, breaking down she couldn’t hold it anymore. “Serene, he asked me to look after you, he wouldn’t want you to be alone and going through life like you are. It breaks my heart to see you so damn depressed. Corik this is Serene, Chucks girl” he said walking off, feeling like he had done his part. “Nice to meet you” Corik said over the music. Looking at him she was waiting for him to rap “gimme what you got for a pok chop” his resemblance to Chingy was wild. “Fuck you. I’m not interested.” she said brushing past this knock off Chingy. Making it out of the club she thought her chest would explode. God help me. Reaching her car, she fumbled with her keys, due to her nerves being frazzled. Behind her she could hear footsteps approaching. As they got closer she prepared herself. “Leave me alone” she yelled behind her. “I’m not trying to hurt you, chill out” he yelled in her direction. Turning around she faced him, thinking maybe he didn’t hear her correctly. Standing tall she was prepared to let him know what was good, so he could find someone else to play with because she wasn’t the one or the two. But before she could say a word, she felt his strong arms wrap around her. Exhaling although she didn’t want to it felt good to be in someone’s presence. Her mourning had taken a toll on her, throughout the day she put on a brave face but in her home, she was able to remove the mask and be herself, broken. “Let me get you home” he said hugging her. “I can do it myself but thank you, Corik listen you seem to be a really nice guy, but I am not interested. I am in no position to seek or be a part of a relationship. Thanks for the hug.” She said sliding into her car and pulling off. She was going to lay Jade out for this stunt, she wasn’t desperate, she simply wasn’t ready. It wasn’t hard to understand or was it. Jade had never been in her shoes, in fact half of the people that kept attempting to end her mourning hadn’t. They didn’t know how hard it was to wake up every morning knowing you wouldn’t see a loved one again, they didn’t know how it felt to have your heart ripped out of your chest or how it felt to wake up to a phone call that your everything was killed in the same streets he grew up in. They didn’t know shit. She didn’t ask for this, but this was life for her and she thought her friends would respect that and let her be. She would be fine, but she needed time and time is what she vowed to take. Arriving home, she walked in and did the usual, first she stopped at the mantle and ran her fingers over her favorite picture of her and Chuck, sitting on his momma’s porch, he snuggled her from behind and kissed her neck as she smiled. Feeling a lone tear drop she quickly wiped it and proceeded to their closet that still held all his things. Running her fingers across all his neatly hung clothes, she smiled. Chuck was the flyest fucking man she had ever met, even as a teenager his wardrobe was on point. He made sure he never looked like a bum or out of place. He was a man’s man, he knew her worth and he treated her accordingly. He never let her struggle and he never put anything before her. I miss you so much Chuck, I wish I could just hear your raspy voice one more time, this shit is so unfair. You weren’t supposed to leave me, you promised, you promised she said to herself.

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