Cuties with Kinks: Things you should know when going natural!

Are you natural?

Thinking about going natural?

Unsure of what to do once you are natural?

Wondering what products are best?

Ladies, put the scissors or perm down and let me share my journey!

It was a year ago when I decided to do the unthinkable, and by the unthinkable I mean the BIG CHOP. I had been transitioning for months and was completely frustrated with the process. So there I stood in my bathroom with scissors in my hand going back and forth like a yo-yo on whether to cut or not to cut. I remember being nervous , anxious and scared. I literally went through every emotion possible in my bathroom that day. I had my friends on Facebook cheering me on but the angel on my shoulder saying girl "DONT DO IT". 30 minutes later, yes 30 minutes I finally did it, I cut the perm out. My initial reaction was "WTF". I looked like a newborn baby duck. Let me tell it I looked a hot a** mess. I felt I had possibly made the worst decision of my life. I thought "Jesus help me!" I remember texting my husband a picture of what I had done. I thought he'd be livid and completely hate it. But 30 seconds later I got the text saying "Babe its just hair, it'll grow back." He was right its just hair and it grows back. GLORY!

SIS, its just hair and it grows back. This is important when getting on the natural train. Pick the scissors back up or head to the nearest salon!

Now say it with me this time, Its hair and it grows back!

Alright now that we have that out the way lets get real about being natural:

I hate transitioning!! Its so useless!! (My opinion)

1. Don't get natural hair confused with having no hair. Wrong! You still have to take care of your hair. It still has to be maintained. Actually it requires more work. Being natural is a lifestyle. You have to commit to being natural, the same way you would commit to other things. Your hair is your baby. Take care of it!

2. Be patient. It grows back but not in 24 hours. You will always be disappointed if you think that your hair will grow overnight or like your other natural sister. Patience is Key!

3. Be confident and understand that you are not your hair. There will be some good days and there will be some really bad days. But wake up and still slay the day. You make the hair, the hair doesn't make you. You got this!

4. Conquer the wash & go then you can conquer the world. FACTS!

5. Find what product or style works for you. I recommend investing in wraps and a good edge control. Don't get hung up on spending to much money on product. There are some really good small businesses for us by us out there that understand and have homemade products. Try one line of product at a time. When I did the big chop I went out and blew a whole bag on product that I ended up giving away. Below you will find some product, tips and links that I use or that I practice.

- Wash, detangle and condition your hair at least once a week

- Shea Moisture - Jamaican castor oil line - Scalp massage at least 2x a week in a downward position (this stimulates hair growth)

- Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse (Cantu)

-Keep your hair moisturized

-Invest in a spray bottle (Saved my life)

- Visit for hair and body oil

- Visit Great deep conditioning products that are homemade!

-Never touch your hair with dry fingers

-Eco Gel works really well as a curl activator (green jar) / Dark and Lovely Au Naturale also has great curling product.

-Stay away from water based edge control:

-I recommend Tease by Narie Sade - , this is AMAZING product.

-Sleep in satin or silk scarf. or Invest in satin or silk pillow cases

6. Be creative. YouTube is your best friend!

Ladies, I cant stress enough how important self confidence is during this journey. Embrace your kinks and coils. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, you are not your hair and you got the JUICE!

My natural journey has been stressful and peaceful at the same time. My hair is growing and gorgeous. I'm seriously in love with my natural hair. I ignore the negativity that comes with being natural. Everyone wont love it and that's ok because you aren't for everyone. If healthier hair is the goal I say GO FOR IT!

My prayer is that confidence finds you.


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