Dropping Tuesday!!

Reaching the conference room, she started laying the packets on the table. Setting up her computer so she could show the slides, she prayed asking God for a successful meeting. As her co-workers filed in she started the meeting. Noticing Rex come in she rolled her eyes. “You’re late, please have a seat so we can begin.” Taking the seat right in front her, she started to sweat. Why did he have to pick the seat right in front her out of all the seats available? Continuing the meeting, she went over the things that needed to happen before “Got Passion” opened for business. “Turn to page fifteen and read carefully. Cheyanne has requested that we all understand the P.O.S.H rules. We do not want any scandals, so please understand that fraternizing is not against the rules but not endorsed,” she added glaring at Rex, who was grabbing his crouch biting his bottom lip. Diverting her eyes, she stifled a laugh. He was the most unfiltered, brash, uncouth man she had ever encountered and she liked it. “Before you leave today, please complete the module on sexual harassment. Have a good day and remember to make today count. We have five days left before we are set to open,” she commanded, gathering her things. “Strange, does it count if we have already fraternized? I’m talking filthy fraternization,” he muttered sitting on the corner of the table. “Mr. Roman that was a onetime thing and I’m not afraid to report you, so tread lightly.” “A piece of paper won’t stop me from bending you over this desk, raising your skirt to your waist, ripping those sexy lace panties off, and taking it from behind. So, report it,” he whispered from behind her. His husky voice was turning her on in the worst way. He was perfectly inappropriate, and it wasn’t because he lacked the intelligence, it was because he was just nasty. Her eyes were closed as he rubbed on her backside through her very thin skirt. Her heels gave her some inches, so her butt was perfectly in line with his pelvic area. Moving with the motion of his hands, she almost forgot where she was. Pulling away he grabbed her by the hand and pressed her against the desk. “You don’t run anything but that mouth, Serene. Surrender and make it easy for me.” “Anything worth having is worth working for,” she reminded him, finally getting away and pulling her skirt down. “See you around.” He waved.

SERENE CHAOS SYNOPSIS She was a quiet storm, she was in a league all of her own and completely oblivious of her beauty and her worth. She was chaos. Serene Daniel was her name. After losing the love of her life she climbed into a dark hole and vowed to stay there until death. She had a vice and it filled her emptiness on most nights. Serene wanted to move forward, she desired happiness but didn’t know where to find it. One night, while out with friends she meets Corik, who sweeps her off her feet without having try too hard. It took her awhile to realize that he wasn’t the one and when she did, he showed his true colors. In the midst of drama, here comes another man singing the same tune as Corik and she refuses to give him the time of day even after he rocked her world for one night only. Rex, however is a different type of man. He’s rare, rough and incredibly sexy and he refuses to give up on Serene. Something tells him that she’s the one. In Serene Chaos, friendships are tested, hearts are broken, lives are changed and as tragedy strikes will Serene walk out of the fire blazing?

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