Good Afternoon Loves,

I just wanted to take a break from my rigorous writing schedule to extend a warm thank you to all that supported my debut novel. The love and support from you all has been so amazing and a little overwhelming. However it has made my heart swell 10x's.

Did you think I'd Crumble, has surpassed my hopes and dreams. I had no idea throughout the process that this would be a hit and resonate with so many people. I'm so elated that it did, I wanted my transparency to shine through, I wrote Cheyanne's story for me. I needed to get it out and I needed to make sure her voice was heard.

I appreciate you all for the likes, shares, purchases, reviews, and all around support. You are amazing and I cant thank you enough. Without your support this would have only been a dream of mine!

We hit #4 the first day out....

We are at 55 Reviews and counting.....

Part 2 is coming soon...................... I hope you are ready!

If please feel free to visit the Shop selection for paperbacks and or purchase your E-book on amazon for $2.99 ....... Click the pic!

Happy Thanksgiving...... Enjoy and remember be thankful for all things!

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