Grateful! Grateful! Grateful!

I won't keep you long I just wanted to share what I was grateful and thankful for.

Things have been great, like superb. And this time last year I can't say that it was. It was two days before Thanksgiving and I woke up to messages from strangers and several missed calls from my mom. I tell you putting my phone on DND is a bad habit of mine. But back to the story, I had missed calls from my mom and got scared.

If you're in my group or my friend on FB you may know that my older brother my first best friend has been struggling with his health for a long time. Diagnosed with diabetes at 14 and things went downhill from there, well when he wasn't able to afford healthcare, things took a left.

Last year, the call that changed our lives at 4 A.M was that he'd coded and been placed on a ventilator. We almost lost him and in some ways we have. After being down ( that's what they call it) he now suffers from memory loss, eye issues, and other things. He can still remember some things but it's hit or miss really. That month in the hospital for him and us as a family was hard and something that I never want to experience again.

But even with all the health concerns, I'm grateful that he's still here in the flesh with us and not a memory.

Here are my big-headed brothers. Dontra and D'Andre. My besties for the resties! Dontra is up and moving this year and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with real food. And I think we are all thankful for that this year. Last year scared the living shit out of us. And I have to reflect on how I felt at that time. Fear made me write, fear made me write a book about that time and it was for me and me alone. I didn't even promote the book that much because it was about my own way to never forget to be thankful for my brother even when he works my last nerve.

The second thing I'm grateful for is my family. My kids, my husband, my mother, grandmother. We don't have a big family. We black so of course we have extended cousins that don't share blood but I'm thankful for them all. Even if we don't get along all the time. My family means the most to me, even though the disagreements.

And here are my heartbeats. Deja and Mario changed my life and I'm thankful that I was chosen to be their parents. I'm thankful that I get to be present in their lives because they are the funniest kids I know. I love them and I'm so so grateful that each day with them adds value to my life. Like I never imagined.

Now, my husband, I think you all know by now how grateful I am for him and the support. I could write him a love letter and never run out of words. Jacob is truly the best part of my life that I'm not connected to by blood. He is the perfect verse over a dope beat.

I'm thankful for growth because I haven't always been this settled and committed. I've lived on the wild side and confronted whoever, whenever. Thank the lord I've grown from all the things that would keep me bound and stagnant.

I'm thankful for my career, without writing I don't think I would have tapped into the power that was truly in me. I own a business and I never saw this coming to me. But understand that sometimes what we see as the room is sometimes just the door. You've gotta step into that damn room and be ready for what you've prayed for.

The chances I've had and the people I've met. I'm thankful for my pen family, my readers, followers. You guys just don't know how important you are to me. Everything I do, I do with you all in mind. So thank you and I can't tell you what to be thankful for but I can say you should be thankful for health, love, life, growth, transformation, and the time you have on earth. Make something of and make it impactful.

Happy Thanksgiving Loves!

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