How I find Inspiration!

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul."

Let me just start off by saying that I love to create. I mean love it. I've always had a decent imagination and always loved making something out of nothing. I don't know why it was such a surprise when I decided to become an author. But it was. However, I ran with it and when I got tired of telling my own stories I started to get inspiration from everything and everyone. Netflix, songs, bible verses, and people around me.

Today's blog will break down some of my favorite releases and where the inspiration came from. My goal with the blog is to give you insight into my who I am as an author and what my process looks like. Let's Go!

Thorn To My Rose, this book came from a binge session with the show Jessica Jones. It's a Netflix show that I fell in love with and I'm not even into Marvel or things like that. However, I loved me some Jessica and found myself up late at night with heavy eyes watching her be a complete badass. After finishing, I thought OMG I can write my own version of this with a black character that represents our culture. I didn't remember seeing that enough so I felt I had to do it. So I DID!

Rose was her name and she was a private investigator that had superpowers. Well, she was given powers as a college study. She was a middle-class dark-skinned beauty who was in love with her best friend Damien, also known as Thorn until he broke things off because she didn't fit into his arranged life. Damien and Rose are thrust back into each other's lives after years have passed and drama happens, danger presents itself but also something beautiful happens. It wasn't a super successful release but I didn't care about that. I was out of my comfort zone and that was enough for me. I'll probably never do anything like this again. The research was insane, OK!

The Love We Had, this is hands down one of my favorites that I've written, and it's all about my favorite Dru Hill song. One night I was listening to this song and wrote the book. It was a novella and only took me a few days to write. It meant that much to me. This was different for me because instead of making the male the villain the female was low-key the villain. Granted she wasn't awful but the book centered around remembering the good times and the times the couple had. They were on the brink of divorce and desperately needed something to get them back to love. The twist came with the Ghost of Loves Past showing up and reminding Naomi of what their love looked like and what it meant. So even though I may find inspiration in things already created I try to give it my own spin. The ghost took Naomi on a trip down memory lane and it had her running to get her man back.

Line To My Heart, ok wait this might be my favorite release. LOL. It's definitely a fan favorite. Iggy and Charlotte whew chile. Well listen I complain about my husband's obsession with the show Seinfeld but without him watching the show like it's new I wouldn't have come up with the concept for this baby here. Elaine from Seinfield decided to buy into the phone call alarm service because she kept showing up late for work. Typical, Elaine.

Iggy (Ignacio) runs Good Morning, Beautiful, a phone alarm system company. Ok picture this, a deep baritone voice calling you first thing in the morning to say "Good Morning, Beautiful it's time to seize the day." Did you hear Teddy Pendergrass? Yea I thought so. Charlotte buys into this service as well and a connection is made between her and the boss. Neither of them saw it coming. I loved this concept so much because it was unconventional as all get out!

Not Your Forever, this is my latest self-published release and I love country music so much and I wanted to give the feel of a country boy meets the city girl. Let me shout out the show Virgin River for this and the movie Forever My Girl. Season 2 of Virgin River is out now and I'm hella excited to watch. It's on Netflix.

Now back to the book, Jep is bae and everyone loved him for the true southern gentleman he was. Serenity runs to his town after being left at the altar. And when she thought forever with someone wasn't possible things change. This story is more than a love story it's a story of personal growth, reflection, and accountability. I won't tell you all about it in case you decide to read it. But know if you want a country, Hallmark feel type of book this is the one for you. Check out the playlist on Spotify!

So you see although this is just a snippet of my catalog, my inspiration comes from all over the place. I try not to limit myself. I find the inspiration and make it my own. And fit for my audience. Love is always the description but how they get there will change. Creativity is everywhere. And I look for the meaning in everything that I consume. I never know when a story is going to come to me. I stay ready!

If you want to read any of these visit the E-Books page and click the picture.

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