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NEW AUTHOR ALERT! NAKOEXPO PRESENTS HAS SIGNED A NEW AUTHOR....C MONET! Author C. Monet is a blogger turned author of Clarksville TN, signed with NakoExpo Publishing company. She is a lover of life and all things positive, which she is sure to capture in her blogs. Reading was always her go to for therapy until she decided to pick up the pen and write her own story. She is a mother of 3 children, a wife, sister and friend. She does her best writing in between juggling all those hats, while drinking a glass of wine and listening to 80’s R&B. At 30 years old, she lives life fearlessly and unapologetically and encourages everyone else to do so as well. #SAMPLESUNDAY “Nope, not today Satan” she said backing out of the daycare parking lot. Her and the kids were singing and jamming out to the radio when an eerie feeling came over Cheyanne, these days it seemed like the devil was busy and the lord was nowhere to be found when she needed a fighter in her corner but she still pressed on. “Lord cover me” she asked. Cheyanne had been working on her faith and believing in something other than herself, she knew she couldn’t go through this life alone. Pulling over to gather her thoughts and calm down, she felt like she was having a panic attack. That gloomy eerie feeling wouldn’t leave her alone and it was scaring her. Suddenly she heard a tap on the window, it nearly scared her to death. Looking up she came face to face with the finest man she had ever seen in her life. He was 6’5, with tanned skin that was covered in tattoos, low clean cut with a deep part on the side, permanent gold teeth, that he didn’t need, muscles were everywhere and he had the greenest eyes. God his eyes were gorgeous. She could stare at them all day. He was the definition of “tall and handsome” Cheyanne was silently praying he didn’t want to kill her, he was too fine to be a murderer. She slowly rolled her window down enough to speak with him, “Hi, I just needed some air you can go around me. Sorry if I’m blocking traffic” She quickly took her eyes away from him. He was so damn sexy, and WHITE. Did she like white men? Shit, she couldn’t think straight. “Oh no ma’am, I just wanted to check on you, you were kind of weaving back there, everything OK?” she wanted to scream right now he was country as hell, he had the smoothest voice, with a little twang to it “I wonder if his skin is that smooth?” she said in her head. “Yea, it’s smooth” he said licking his lips and chuckling. Her eyes almost jumped out of her head and she wanted to scream again, how did he hear her? “Well, kind sir thanks for stopping but I’m fine and we should get going.” she was hoping he didn’t ask for her number, she wasn’t quite ready to commit the sin, she was thinking of. But damn if she wasn’t thinking about it. Shit her husband did why couldn’t she. She wanted to act on her nasty thoughts but she had class and she didn’t do tit for tat behavior. “Yea you fine aight, I’ll be seeing you around” he said as he took off to his all black Chrysler 300 with chromed out rims. “Where did he come from?” she wondered. Cheyanne had never ever thought about dating a white man. “Get your life Chey, you are married!” Merging back into traffic she was hoping and praying to just make it home. Girl’s night might be cancelled. 15 minutes later Cheyanne was finally pulling into her driveway. She hated this beautiful prison. Their home was beautiful from the gorgeous bricks, the marbled driveway, the vaulted ceilings, the massive kitchen and her favorite was the large backyard that held porch swings. This prison held painful memories and no one knew about the many ugly truths it held. It was alike a Claude Monet painting, it looked good from afar but the closer you got the uglier it really was. She hated it and loved it that the same time. This was the home she brought her children to, she decorated every nook and cranny of this house and this was supposed to be the home she grew old in and passed down. “Y’all sit tight, momma will be right back.” She was hoping to change into something comfortable, grab a few things for the kids and be out. The plans changed when she walked up to her home, her front door was cracked, immediately knew something was wrong. Running back to the car, she informed the kids to stay in the car and lock the doors. Approaching the door slowly, she got the shock of her life. David and Lavelle were in the middle of the living room floor butt naked with two females that she had never seen in her life, having sex. Creeping in careful not to make a sound she quickly scanned the area. Her eyes almost jumped out of the sockets as she watched her husband, Lavelle having sex with some girl that had to be know more than 19 right in there living room. Lavelle was 5’8 and it was hard to miss his skinny light skinned ass. And his best friend David had another female on her brand new ottoman with her legs up. There was not one condom in sight, bottles were everywhere, and cocaine on a mirror with a rolled-up dollar bill beside it. Her house looked a mess, she couldn’t believe his ass. But then again she could, she was used to him not giving a fuck about anything but himself. She watched this low-budget porno go on for a few minutes, they were going so hard they didn’t even know she was there just watching in disappointment. She was so tired of being disappointed, he was careless. Tired of watching the fuck session going on in her living room, Cheyanne ran upstairs to get the bat from Micah’s room and got another blow to her heart, there laid a crying baby on her sons bed. “What the fuck?” she let out careful not to startle the baby. The baby looked just like her husband with his curly sun-kissed hair, distinctive forehead and light brown eyes. She slid down the door to control her breathing, looking over at the baby, she thought she was looking at Micah. This couldn’t be life, she pinched herself to be sure this wasn’t a dream. This was not the life she signed up for. He was in their house having a fucking party like he wasn’t a married man. How could Lavelle have another baby? Had she really been that blind that she didn’t know he was cheating again? She stood up remembering that her kids were in the car probably worried and scared. That pissed her off even more, he knew she would be home soon and with their kids in tow. Where was the fucking respect? Grabbing the baseball bat out of Micah’s closet, she ran back downstairs and they were still in a daze. She could tell that they were high, Lavelle’s dumbass had one tube sock hanging off his feet, that stupid du-rag on, dilated pupils and he was sweating profusely. This was not the fucking play boy mansion or the hotel, motel, holiday inn.

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