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I wanted this week's A Look Behind the Book to be about SEX, well sexual freedom that is. My recent release Suite Heat was about exactly that. Zoey was a progressive woman who knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. I believe that sexual freedom is something so frowned upon and it makes me a little nauseous. Not because I want women to go out and throw it at anyone will catch it but because we haven't been taught or allowed to explore our sexuality the way others have.

My favorite line from Suite Heat was "My climax is my prerogative; my heart is my prerogative, but they don’t coincide. One can thrive without the other. You should try it.” -Zoey

Have you been taught to make your sexual experiences your prerogative? Does the idea of sex being a joy scare you?

And not because you never wanted it to be but because you've been explained that sex was about procreation. Listen, my sister, it's not all about that. Sometimes I get to live vicariously through my characters. Zoey lived a life of freedom, she knew what she wanted and she wasn't afraid to go and get it. I admired her for that because some of us never come into that level of fearlessness or just downright IDGAF attitude.

I'm not as progressive as Zoey, but when I think about how women, especially women of color get a bad rap about ish like red nail polish being for whores, being strippers or even remotely speaking on sex I get angry that how we view sex is the determining factor on if we can be viewed as a good woman sometimes.

I think about how many women love erotica or enjoy a hot ass sex scene in a book? I wonder how many love it in secret because they had to suppress the stage of sexual exploration. I know I did. It wasn't until I reached my late twenties that I started ensuring my own pleasure. I was no longer having sex just to please a man or because it was my duty. When it became a duty pleasure seemed to fly out the window. No MA'AM PAM!

I was doing it because it was my desire.

I was doing it because it was about me.

I was doing it because it didn't feel the need to be shy about the joys of sex.

Sex shouldn't be a shameful conversation. Sex shouldn't be all about the man. Sex shouldn't only be discussed behind closed doors. Sex shouldn't be discussed only by men. Sex shouldn't determine how much of a good woman you are.

Sex should be about joy, pleasure and a choice. Sex should be safe. Sex should be fun. Sex should be discussed whoever you want it.

I love Jasemine Knowles and I love how open she's been about her own sexual journey. Read her blog on One-night stands and the Black Girl Bucket list here. I recommend learning your body, learning your pleasure zones, learning what turns you on and off. Learn what sends you over the damn moon. I recommend getting a mirror and taking a gander down there. I recommend waxing even if it's only for you. I recommend you being open about sex for pleasure.

Here are a few facts on sex:

- Sex slashes stress!

-Women have three erogenous zones 

-Being well hydrated leads to better orgasms

-All woman can achieve orgasm

-Orgasms can make women more creative

Heres the article I pulled these from. Visit the article to learn more. Because there's more sister!

Now if you haven't had the chance to check out my short steamy read featuring Zoey and Onyx please do! Here are some reviews! Download Suite Heat Here


Sweet Heat

Another good good story. A short, sweet and sexy love story. This time I was ready for this amazing story. Each new addition reminds me to keep coming back for more. It's short, so I'll just suggest you give this one a try.

Spicy hot

Their chemistry was flaming hot! I was in it from the first page and didn’t stop until I was finished. Be careful you may end up pregnant after reading this.

Hot Hot Hot!!!

This was a very short read and I loved it! Baby this hot and steamy read will have you ready to get some things started! I loved how Zoey knew what she wanted and played no games when it came to getting what she wanted as well! Check this steamy read out now!

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