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I've constantly been asked how I got started with blogging and again this life choice me, I didn't choice it. At the beginning of 2017 I started praying and asking god to reveal my purpose, my passion and what I was supposed to be doing. I felt that it was time to really start doing something I loved. I had no idea where to really start, so I just continued to pray. Well not to much after, a really good friend and sister in Christ came to me and said " You have a book in your belly!" I wasn't shocked simply because Dayus is full of anointing , she's my soul sister. Then, one day BOOM, one of my favorite authors Nako, opened her platform called " The Passport" up to women that wanted to write or share a story. And that started the process.

My First blog was about BGM: Black Girl Magic and the importance of celebrating you. ITS IMPORTANT! See link below!

My second blog was created and wrote partially by a really good friend of mine that's incarcerated. CT has become like a brother to me, he is extremely wise. "Pressure makes Diamonds" is probably one of my favorites, its raw, this post details the pressure our society faces and then the ridicule that follows. See link Below!

My third blog: " Emotionally Unavailable" this blog was in regards to the exterior women are subjected to be covered in. Basically my point was " Thugs need Hugs To" See link below

My fourth blog : " This or That" detailed the difference of being patient or being stagnant. either you want better and will put in the work or you wont!

My fifth blog: " TRANSPARENCY" the name signifies how personal this subject was to me. PTSD! This was a letter of understanding for my husband and any one else that suffers.

My sixth blog: " 50 Days FREED" After 7 years I quit smoking!!!

My seventh: " Hello June" this was a mid year check in.

My 8th: "Self Check" this was a letter of forgiveness to myself.

I appreciate all the support and love that everyone has shown me on this journey. I'm thankful for praying friends. I'm thankful for beautiful connections and all those that speak life into me and that allow me to do the same!. My heart has been so full this year it makes me emotional!!

I will leave you with this and this only: PRAYER WORKS and FAVOR AINT FAIR!

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