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Nyree Whatley is a law student that has always dreamed of using her privilege for the greater good. Her plans to tackle the war on classicism and the justice system leads her into murky waters. With a planned marriage and a mother who doesn't understand her need for love and stability, she’s stuck in a battle between following her heart and falling in line. When her professor picks her for a pro bono case, Nyree sees this as the sign she’s been looking for. Her self-esteem and confidence are low but that doesn't stop her from promising her all to Keith Moody and his parole hearing.

Keith Moody is currently serving fifteen years for a drug charge that he caught at eighteen. Good things have never happened to him. When Nyree shows up with her privilege on display he instantly shuts her down. What he doesn't know is that Nyree is not easily defeated.

It doesn't matter that he is in prison. It doesn't matter that he was deemed a menace. It also didn’t matter that he was a number. What mattered was that a thrill of frightened lust touched her spine when she laid eyes on him for the first time. She's willing to work tirelessly and lose everything in order to ensure Keith's freedom as if it would solidify her own. Will the war be more than they can handle? Find out in Bound by Your love.

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