Phase 2: The Takeover

Hello my lovely folks. I hope you all are feeling good and free on this beautiful Friday!

Over the last few weeks I've seen a lot of post on the book of faces about 2017 being a bad year for some and let me just say it really makes me sad. But I also have to be honest with you guys...... Out of 365 days you mean to tell me that not one positive thing happened?

If this is the case you need to stop and take a look around. Look at your friends, look at your spouse, look at your career, and most importantly look in your heart.

2017 wasn't easy, I learned a lot this year.

About myself, about my priorities, my friends and my strengths.

So what nothing big happened in your life but we must begin to be thankful for all things. I mean even the small things, Like thank you lord I missed my pinky toe on that corner. LOL but you know what I mean. We only accept big wins as a WIN!

We spend way to much time calculating value by what we have material wise instead of what wisdom we have gained, the love, the support.

"The results we so desperately look for will always be incorrect if we are using the correct measurement."

I was like whoa when I read that! But how powerful is it! Stop measuring yourself up to others and what they have.

Its not important to your growth.

Maybe God is waiting for you to get your life together before he gives you that fancy car or promotes you. Are you really ready for all that you want or do you want it because you think much like I did?

Not long ago I was like "Lord, why didn't you show me this writing talent before?" Yes I questioned him.

I was old and felt as if I was wasting away, so I wanted it right then. I'll admit I wasn't ready for what God had in store for me. I wasn't humble enough. I was to busy attempting to show up those that counted me out and baby he had to humble and remind me that this was not what success was about.

It was a like a rush of waves screaming at me that this talent would be nothing but WORDS without the true testimony!!

What a wonderful God we serve.

So you may have experienced some roller-coasters, some bad days and some long nights but what did it teach you?

This year I released my first novel as many of you know. But I also found ME and I found some strength.

I found a gift that was hidden so deep inside of me that it scared me and made me doubt myself and my whole existence.

I started blogging.

We purchased our first home.

I made some new friendships.

I committed myself to getting my life together in regards to church.

I learned how to be content.

I learned how to express myself because for years I suppressed so much.

I learned my worth and my value.

30 Days!

30 Days!

30 Days!

30 Days until its 2018!

The 4th quarter is almost over, ARE YOU GOING TO BALL OR JACK-BALL?

Get started now! Sit down, create some time to get your priorities together and set some goals big and small, document what cant come with you in the new year, document what you need to take place in 2018.

I also know that everyone gives you tons of BS about "New Year New Me!" Remove them from your life! Every year, every day of your life you should experience some level of growth or wisdom.

Only a fool thinks they serve nothing to learn.

In 2018 I'm claiming so much! I plan to fast for the first time. I want it all!

My career, I want to write full time! Wake up in my pajamas, sip my coffee and write until my eyes hurt while Pandora plays in the background.

My finances, I say this for real every year but I'M SERIOUS. I need to save money.

Patience, I move to hasty sometimes! A thought or idea will come to me and I don't wait a moment to see if its best. Basically I am claiming more time to ponder. I don't want to feel rushed for anything anymore.

I claim to overcome FEAR.

I claim to strengthen my following.

I claim peace.

I claim goodwill.

I claim god reveals my way of helping.

I claim all the blessings!

Remember to be you, do you, for you!

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