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Hey Loves, I feel like it's been a year since I've touched base with you all. I know it hasn't been that long but that's what it feels like. Anywho, I've come to provide you with some updates and some of my ramblings at the moment. Let's Go!

So if you are in my group you may know that I do a number of things and wear at least 5 hats on a daily basis. It saddens me a little to say that some of those hats have taken me from writing. Trust me I think about penning something daily. But each time I open a document the words just don't flow. And while I want to feel some type of way about it and I remember that I've done something amazing over the last few years. I've released over 30 books. That's something to celebrate.

I can't say I'm putting the pen down forever but I can say helping others that wish to hit publish is my goal and focus right now. I remember the age of 30 coming and pushing me beyond all limits. And I also remember when I released my first novel, that feeling is something I wish to give to others. And I've done that through my other hat, Reckless Babe Coaching. I'm overjoyed that people trusted me to help them through the process.

I also run a Virtual Assistance business that was hard to get off the ground at the beginning but with hard work and diligence, it's shot off like a shooting star. I'm now a Client Success Manager for a program called Finding Freedom Accelerator. I couldn't believe it when she offered it to me. But I love that she wants to take me with her as she climbs the ladder of success.

I know you all are wondering 'what do I care' but I say this to say that no matter what you want to do, no matter what it looks like you can go after all you ever dreamed of. Even those things that you haven't dreamed up yet can come to you. Because there's something about believing in yourself and trusting God that just allows you to make room for more. More happiness, more abundance, more knowledge, more opportunities and etc.

I really don't know where you are in life but I know that you are destined for something great. I need you to believe that and step into that. I know now writing was just a door, to the room I truly needed to step into.

Whew, this feels like a goodbye, but I promise it's not. This is me encouraging you because I want everyone to win. I always have and that simple fact has kept me going. I love you all. Soon I'll be holding a mindset class because I believe mindset is literally everything. If you'd like to join in on that I encourage you to join my Reckless Babe Mailing List. It won't just be for authors, it will be for women ready to get reckless in their endeavors and say bye-bye to those limiting beliefs.

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