Save yourself from yourself

Just dropping in for a small message today. I told you all that with the year ending it was time to take inventory of our lives and our surroundings. Last night, I was laying in bed and then my next project for the new year hit me. All I kept hearing is save yourself from yourself. I'm like God, what am I doing to hurt myself? 


I don't know how many can relate but let me say that its time I save myself from myself. I am a people pleaser. I am the friend that you can come to with whatever you have. I love that about me but what I feel when I'm taken advantage of is such an unhealthy feeling. Or what about the fact that I've stepped out on fear but in my mind, I fear failure so I haven't launched a business I know I can dominate. That's all me, not anyone else.

It's my own thoughts and mind that has caused my spirit distress.


The day in the life of a people pleaser or good-hearted person is draining and stressful. So draining and stressful that I have to for one acknowledge that I am part of the problem. It's me that has yet to become comfortable with saying NO. It's me that has not learned to completely step out of the fear. It's me that would just die if I wasn't needed. It's me that has allowed people to take advantage of relationships, my heart, my time and the good person I am. I'm picking ME in 2019.

We all have different lives but somehow they have managed to intertwine. I think of all my readers all the time. Weekly, I do a spirit check in with my group and most times I connect with them on so many levels from that very post. It's important that we save ourselves from ourselves. We must acknowledge that we can be our own worst enemies. Acknowledge that we have become the biggest problem in our lives. 

Save yourself from fear

Save yourself from restlessness

Save yourself from being taken advantage of

Save yourself from lies

Save yourself from being stuck

Save yourself from YOU by Picking YOU!

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