Shedding: Months to Come!

“You can't reach your potential by remaining in a past due season. Your breakthrough is coming. Strongholds are breaking. Get Ready!” -Germany Kent

I am normally not a fall or cold weather person, I cringe at the thought of summer ending and fall weather coming. There are several reasons for my disdain with the next couple of months like my beef with cold weather, layering my clothing, going pale for a few months and the fact that every time the season changes I get SICK it seriously never fails, but this year I have decided to take a different approach in regards to the seasons changing and the next few months.

October- Shedding of old things and processes

November- Processing what was shed

December- Burying what was shed

I've decided i wont let the seasons changing be something negative for me this year and hopefully all the years to come. The leaves are about to change and so am I. I am going to shed dead situations and thoughts like the trees will soon shed dead leaves. Its a must that I declutter my life and my head.

New ideas and new goals, but i have to let the old me shed, then process it and then leave it there.

You see the old me has been afraid of new things for some time now. I have a serious self sabotage problem. Its not even on purpose. But I do it, I convince myself that things wont work out so i don't even attempt them.


The old me was completely unsure of who she was or what she wanted to be. But now I know that I was sure the whole time but it didn't look like what others wanted for me so it looked and felt incorrect. I am who I am


The old me felt like every step I took I was knocked back. So why take a step to begin with? Get a new job, get evicted. Get new spot, car breaks down. Get promotion, check gets garnished! For awhile it seemed like for every right there was a wrong creeping around the corner like "Hey girl, i know shits tough but let me make it tougher." That's when I started existing.


This weekend forced me to deal with my codependency and captain save-a-person tendencies. My thoughts were consumed with the moans and groans and questions of how i'm supposed to shed my baggage and not offend people, by saying NO and or saying that you aren't good for me or where i'm headed in life! Telling them that my life has been surrounded by taking care of others and encouraging others that I lost track of who I was and I would really love to take care of me for a little while.

I realized that codependency is dangerous and it will steal everything from YOU! I used to love to be there for others but now there's only a select few that deserve that part of me.

I realized that I can't shed my baggage and until I shed other peoples baggage. I get worried and anxious about others and then its like another layer of someone else's baggage that has now covered mine, now i have to help you unload yours and then hopefully ill get to mine.


I believe that once I shed, prune, cut and snip some of the things that create chaos or that hold me back I will feel more confident in really going after all the things I wanted and desire in life. I need a new layer of myself to be released and born anew.

Don't you want to be a new you UNAPLOGETICALLY? Well, do it. Do it with me!

I plan to keep a journal of those things that I have shed and what was revealed in the process. I'm excited to get revelations and let some things go that have been held onto for way to many seasons. I'm literally going to plan a funeral for all these things that I need to parish, after writing my journey for the next few months I plan to play my favorite songs and burn those pages, making them a distant memory!

I am not sad, i'm excited actually, this is me unloading my shit and being made over! I'm happy as hell that i'm here at this point in my life.

Happy. Ecstatic. Free. Peaceful. Alive. Anew.

I hope to have all things shed, burned by my 30th birthday, December 14,2017 to be exact. So please stay tuned and share this post on all your social sites. My hiatus started yesterday with the removal of all my social media accounts!

Lets get to SHEDDING!

Be Blessed and Be you!

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