Slim & Husky's Pizza Beeria: 3 things you should know before you arrive!

For the last month my oldest brother has been going on about this pizza place in Nashville TN, called Slim & Husky's Pizza Beeria. He's probably been like 50 times and each time he calls like "Sis you got to try this pizza place called Slim & Husky's". So today me and the hubby were finally able to enjoy this amazing pizzeria. Ill admit our first attempt was a fail, the line was completely wrapped around the corner so that night we settled for another place we hadn't tried. This is what we do lol WE EAT. We legit have a list of places to try in Nashville, well all over actually. 

The visit to this eatery was an experience so Ive came up with 3 things I think you should know before arriving to this hip locally owned pizza spot to assist in the process. Let's get started:

1. House Rules: Y'all know we need rules sometimes, our folks get a business and we forget that its just that a business. So When you get to the door there are some rules that you should read.So don't be alarmed or offended.

Here's a few: 

     ~Only 3 pizzas per person

     ~No cutting or saving spots (that one late friend needs to be on time LOL)

     ~ Stay off the phone while ordering ( Folks we got to do better. Why do we do this?)

    ~ Music and Videos may contain explicit content after 6PM (Basically after 6 the turn up gets real)

2. Vibe & Staff: Walking up the door is held for you, there's a patio area, you are greeted and handed a personal menu. Once inside you are of course greeted by friendly helpful staff. Its needed, remember this is an experience. Ill explain in a minute. But listen y'all I couldn't properly order my food because of the jams coming through the speakers. LOL I literally was stuck between singing TLC or ordering my damn pizza. STRUGGLE bus LOL. I was finally able to order but I was still jammin once I sat down all great things for me I LOVE music and food. I do recommend looking at the menu before arrival if you are easily distracted. The tables are unique they give it a unique hip flare.  The positive energy radiating from this place is amazing hence the pic of arrested development being quoted on the wall..... TENNESSEE! 

3. Amazing Pizza and Local Hops

Lets talk portions, OMG the slim is not so slim. It was a lot of pizza, I cant imagine what the husky looked like or completing it. Theres a massive variety of sauces ranging from classic red to spicy red, pesto, garlic, a mile of toppings  such as shrimp, chicken, artichokes , dough, different drizzles, you can order a style already created and tweak it or you can create your own pizza from scratch. Now, lets talk flavor, the pizza was delicious and fresh. The pizza was chewy but had a crunchy thin crust. There's salad, cinnamon rolls and sodas in the glass bottles. Although I am not a beer drinker, I can appreciate the extensive selection. Not only is it extensive it's all local. If you like a good beer with your pizza this is the place to visit. 

I hope after reading this you get in your car and go support this business. It's a win win! You support the business while enjoying great pizza. I'll be back and I hope to see you there!

Visit: to view the menu, hours  and read up on how it all started!!!

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