Sneak Peek!

“You need to leave and not come back. Serene is not who you think she is. And if it wasn’t for Serene, Jade wouldn’t know a damn Lewis or have the shit she had because of Lewis. Now step!”

“All of you will regret this. I lost my baby and she didn’t even show up to show her respect. That aint no damn friend Amelia.”

Jada had a point it was disrespectful of Serene not to be at her service but in all honesty, it was just like Serene to choose what she would do or wouldn’t do. With that being said, it didn’t mean she was guilty of murder. Jada was missing the very real fact that multiple people died in that explosion, including Serene’s significant other. Amelia believed that she was probably dealing with that on top of losing her dear friend. It was too much for anybody especially Serene.

As Jada left slamming her door. Amelia rolled her eyes and tried Serene again. She was worried sick about her, and she was close to going on a chase to find her and shake some sense into her like a rag doll.

Dialing Serene’s number one last time she chanted “Please answer, please answer”.

“Hello, M, are you home?” Serene sang like shit was sweet.

“Bitch I could kill you, you’ve had me so worried.”

“Boo, I’m fine, but I’m coming over is that ok?”

Amelia peered out the window to make sure Jada had completely left. She had to make sure they didn’t run into each other or it would be smoke in the city between those two. And then Serene’s mom would get involved and that, no one wanted.

“Yea, come on before the boys wake up.” She replied disconnecting the call.

Heading to the kitchen she decided that she would make some light snacks for Serene and her. This had become her life now, being a wife, mother, and hostess and it was still something she had to get used to. Gone was the young girl with no direction, partying every weekend out of boredom. She was now someone’s lifeline and mother, so the drama, clubbing and selfishness were over with.

She loved her life, but she missed the freedom she used to have. They used to have some wild over the top nights together. Smiling as she sliced the cucumbers and assembled the sandwiches, she remembered a time where they were inseparable and stuck like glue. Now everyone had their own life and shit going on and it seemed like she had no friends.

Sighing, the doorbell rang and she rushed to the door.

“Serene, please tell me what happened and are you pregnant?”

“Yes, I’m pregnant now let us in.”


“Yea my baby daddy, Rex meet Amelia. Amelia meet Rex.” She said introducing the two.

Amelia looked between the two and busted out laughing, she never imagined Serene with a white guy named Rex. He was handsome, but this was a different look for her friend and would take some time getting used to.

“Why you look so mean?” Amelia asked Rex.

“She’s working my nerves, I’m sure she will tell you about it.” He said plopping down on the comfy expensive looking couch. The minute they reached the car, she started ranting and raving about everything.

“Watch it Rex, you asked for this remember?”

“yea, yea.” He replied, waving her off.

“Serene what’s going on, skip the bullshit.”

“What are you talking about? I’m pregnant, I’m seeing someone and I’m hungry. That sums up my life right now.”

“No ma’am. Fuck all that. Your house was on the news. Jade is gone, Lewis is gone and all you got to say is I’m pregnant, I’m seeing someone and you hungry.” She mocked.

“Ask what you wanna know, because I aint no damn mind reader.”

“Serene what happened at your house? Jada has been over every day giving me the blues.”

“Fuck Jade and Jada old ass. Housewife are you ready for the real? Because looking around baby, you ain’t the same Amelia that kept the razor under her tongue.” Serene laughed.

Amelia had a gorgeous home compliments to her well-off husband, but she was still the same bitch and she would still slice a hoe face.

“Serene don’t fucking play. Just because I’m a housewife don’t mean I forgot about my Daniel Street days. Now spill it and eat one of my cucumber sandwiches. I use aioli instead of regular mayo, they’re a hit.”

Catching Serene’s side eye, she paid her no mind. All her guest loved her sandwiches. Over the years her cooking and homemaking skills had improved.

“Cucumber sandwiches? Hoe, I’m pregnant with twins them little square sandwiches ain’t gon’ do shit but piss me and them off. You got some ham or something to slap on ‘em?”

“Serene stop stalling.” Amelia replied.

The door slamming surprised them as Jada came around the corner to the kitchen ready to start some shit with both Serene and Amelia.

“Oh yea, I been looking for you Serene. What happened to my baby?” Jada screamed skipping pleasantries.

“Jada, didn’t you get an autopsy report?”

Serene stared Jada down with so much disgust, she looked inexcusable. Her hair was in an old dirty bonnet, her titties were roaming like yard dogs because she had no bra on, and her pajamas needed to be thrown out, stains were all over them. Bitch looked homeless.

“Listen, since we all here we might as well act like civilized people. I don’t have shit to hide.”

“Well bitch, start talking.”

“Listen here you old hoe! I said be civilized. Your daughter ran up in my shit. It wasn’t the other way around. I didn’t ask for my best friend to plot my demise for money. Everyone in this room knows I’d give anyone the shirt off my back.” She breathed out with tears in her eyes. She still hadn’t accepted what happened and that she had to be the one to hurt her own friend. It ate at her every night that their friendship had come to that, but it had to happen.

“My child didn’t have to rob nobody. You are lying like you always do.”

“Jada, I’m about two seconds from knocking you into next week or into a shower. I don’t have to lie to you. What would I gain from killing Jade?”

“Y’all chill please, you asked for this meeting and you want answers or do you want someone to pacify you?” Amelia asked Jada.

“Continue, Serene”

“Jade called me that day asking what I was doing that night. We were already into it about nothing. Well, it was mainly about her being shady. Next thing I know my door is kicked in and I followed the instructions provided to me. Thirty seconds later my house and everything I had to my name was in flames.”

“She said she would be with you. You alive and she not. Tell me how much sense that make?”

Amelia was growing tired of Jada not listening or wanting to accept that her daughter was on some bullshit and she got the wrong end of the stick. Karma didn’t care who it came for. Jade had always chosen Lewis over her friends. If Lewis said he was going to jump off a bridge, Jade wouldn’t be far behind. Only bad part about it, is that Lewis would have a parachute and naïve Jade wouldn’t.

“Your daughter was loyal to Lewis dumb ass this was his and my ex boyfriend’s idea. They thought Chuck left me money and they were coming to rob and possibly kill me. I hate that this happened to Jade but what I won’t do is apologize for protecting me and my unborn children. Rest in Peace to they asses, po’ some liquor out. Now what you wanna do, fight about it or grieve in peace?”

Amelia was in shock at Serene nonchalant attitude. Jade was their sister and she wasn’t here at the hands of Serene by default.


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