In the explosive finale of Did You Think I’d Crumble, Cheyenne is finding herself and she’s slowly but surely getting back to the woman she used to be. But evil is always lurking in the shadows and life takes an ugly turn.

Cheyenne wakes up in a hospital bed after being left for dead during a hit and run accident and the news she received was enough to send her to Heaven. Lavelle committed suicide and Cheyenne’s mind is boggled with one question, "Why?"

Hurt, shocked and utterly confused were only a few choice words to describe how she truly felt.

Back at square one…Cheyenne has to accept his death and put the pieces of her puzzle back together.

With a troubled mother in law and nightmares of his death haunting her every night she could crumble but she doesn’t…

Cheyenne refuses to take any more losses. In the finale of this two-part series, Cheyenne finally gives love a fair chance. She’s done accepting life for what it is and claims peace and prosperity with every step that she takes in the right direction. Will her mother in law snatch her sanity? Will Cheyenne move on? Will Cheyanne finally have that happy ending? Find out in Did You Think I’d Crumble II. Share, like ,share!!


Stepping to the podium she cleared her throat. "I apologize for the interruptions friends and family. Today we are here together to send my husband Lavelle Baltimore home properly. I know a lot of you know or have heard about his untimely death. I want to speak with you are for just a moment about living in your truth. You see Lavelle was unable to live in his truth and we all play apart in that. We allowed a young man to live his life troubled. We were too focused on other things such as money, control, and status to acknowledge his troubles and wear heart. Lavelle was a gay man that felt forced to conform to your standards and mine. It might make you uncomfortable to hear this but its true. Lavelle was in love with a man and it killed him. He could bare the shame of living as a gay man. We may not always like someone’s truth, but we must respect it and help while we can. As a mother I hope my kids know that whatever they face or whatever choices they make in life it will be fine if they are living for them and in their own truth. I’m not here condemning anyone because we will have to face the most high and account for own sins and indiscretions, but I am asking more like pleading that you all tell your loved ones you love while you can, and you accept them for who they are and not what you want them to be. Due to unforeseen circumstances we are going to go ahead and skip the next item on the program. Please make your way to the left side of the church to view the body" Cheyanne said speaking to the congregation and stepping down from the pulpit.

Funeral over.

She was ready to get home and relax. It was a long day and she was ready for it to be over with. Going first to view the body she was happy that he looked so good in his white three-piece suit and grey shirt underneath with a purple tie, she had his hair cut perfectly, that was his only request. He would always make her promise that his line up would be fresh. Giggling she bent down and kissed his forehead "Farewell my love, watch over us" she said. Standing up straight and tall she felt free. "Let’s go my loves" she said grabbing her kid’s hands. Together they were going to walk out with their heads held high and the past behind them. Reaching the limo, she turned back around understanding that this would be her last time seeing her husband, slipping her ring off she tossed it in her purse and slid into the limo.

"Where to Mrs. Baltimore?" the limo driver asked.

"It’s Ms. Lawson and home, take us home." She wasn’t going to the repasts, she was exhausted from all the drama and sad music, she was going home to soak in her jacuzzi tub with a glass of wine while Teddy Pendergrass crooned in the background. "Home it is, Ms. Lawson" the limo driver said smiling as he pulled off.

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