I love the Holy Bible App ladies, there are so many plans and things that can assist you in your private walk with Christ. I've been working on a plan called "Wait and See: Finding Peace in God's Pauses and Plans"

Its Awesome! I'm on day 3 and I wanted to share, because its so important to understand and embrace the waiting period:

"Our job is to not run ahead of Him or lag behind. We should take natural, commonsense steps that are in line with His Word so we will be ready when He delivers our heart’s desire. As we step out in faith, He will show us the way by either opening doors or closing them. Sometimes that will require we do a new thing, and sometimes it means doing what we already know to do. "

Commonsense steps, WHAT? Seeing it in those words put it all in perspective, we jump the gun due to lack of common sense and not being in tune with the natural order of our lives!

Enjoy your day, my loves!

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