Wake Up! Do Yo Makeup: Go Out Shining!!!

Ladies, I know all too often you have scrolled down some social media platform and viewed a time elapsed video of a 9-15 year old girl (and even a boy or two) looking like a whole red carpet event about the face. And if you are ANYTHING like me you've said "Self, (your says 'hmmm?') if 9 year old Kaydence can have flawless makeup so can I!" Then a harsh reality sets in; You're a 20-something whose idea of makeup in high school was dark lip liner and hair store, sticky, lip gloss or the latest lip smacker. You have no ideas what you should do. No idea what you should buy, and the only thing you're left with is a crippling anxiety that 7 year old Phoenix knows more about makeup than you do. It's ok. Take a breath. Discovering makeup at this stage in your life can seem anxiety ridden, but from one amateur to another, it can also be fun and exciting. I am a self admitted make up fiend y'all! I'm talking Smokey in the chicken coup, Tyrone Biggums, "Contour is a hell of a drug" fiend and my habit started maybe 2 years ago. (Proof that a beat is never too late). So, whether you're wanting to stick your foot in the water or dive in the deep end of the makeup pool, here's a few tips to get you started:

1. SEEK MAKEUP SPIRIT GUIDES: Asking for help, tips, ect is key. If you have the patience to watch YouTube tutorials...YouTube and Chill that thang! NEVER be afraid to go to a beauty retailer like Ulta, Sephora, MAC and ask the associates. They will help you so you buy their product. (Insert hand clap emojis)

2. Start Small...and Cheap: I know the little preteen in the tutorial you watched swears by her Urban Decay shadow pallets and her Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. However comma, she forgot to put in the comments that she borrowed it all from her mama. When starting out buy pharmacy brands, like Cover Girl, Maybeline, ect. Most of them are following the beauty trends of smokey eyes, metallic and matte lips, contour and highlighting so you can practice without breaking the bank. Then, once you're more comfortable INVEST in those high end products these YouTubers get for free.

3. Practice Makes Perfect: Anytime you have the time practice the technique you're wanting to try. Experiment with colors, finishes ect. Do a trial run with yourself. Think of it like game footage. Practice, take pictures, review, perfect.

4. This is the most important tip of them all....DO IT FOR YOU AND HAVE FUN: Makeup shouldn't be about covering imperfection, conforming to social standards of beauty, or trying to catfish a man (while they out here with WHOLE LACE FRONTS...but that's another blog). Makeup is about enhancing that inner beauty...bringing the inside out. God already gave you a perfect canvas girl, don't let anybody deter you from throwing a little color on it! If it makes you feel like a better you....BE YOU! BE BEAT! BE Beautiful.... and blow glitter kisses!

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