Weekend Read Round-Up

It's been a long week. Are yall ready to cancel your membership to 2021 already? Because I'm close to saying I'm Good Luv, enjoy to 2021 already.

With all the madness and complete disrespect transpiring in the world, I know you are probably like me and looking for solace in between the pages or flips for my Kindle lovers. I always find my peace and solace in a good book, it's been that way for a long time and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Weekly I'll be doing a blog of new reads that you may want to check out. I might throw some of my own in the mix but I definitely want to highlight other dope authors I have the pleasure to work with. Let's get to it!

These are just a few reads that are recently released and ready for download. Click the title to be taken to Amazon.

Can't Wait For Love by Parker Jones:

Brittany Taylor is single and living her best life, at least, that’s what she’s telling herself. Giving up on the man she had loved most of her adult life would take some getting used to. However, rediscovering her freedom was as good of a place as any to start. When a co-worker makes a play to get to know her better, she can feel her spirit shift. Just when she was ready to live without love it seems love isn’t done with her yet.

Dustin Waters is respectable and takes his job as head of security seriously. As a hands-on father, his focus is constantly between his son and work with little else to capture his attention. Relationships are of no interest as his heart has already been broken by the dissolution of his family. Yet, when a woman he sees every day makes him ponder pursuit, what he thought was out of bounds may take him past his limits.

Are Brittany and Dustin ready to do the unthinkable? Will she confide her secrets in him? Has his heart healed enough to completely let her in?

Bambi by Ladii Nesha:

This was going to be a disaster, but she felt like a moth and he was the flame. No matter how many signs she saw to stay away, she was intrigued by his undeniable charm. His mouth was reckless, and his behavior was unruly yet that wasn't enough to make her shy away. Against her better judgment, Bambi flew into the flame.

With Love, The Flower Sisters by Asia Monique

This is our end and also our beginning.

With love, ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

the flower sisters. ⠀


*Please note, this is a follow up to the flower sisters six-book series. Inside is six short stories, some longer than others, followed by a double wedding.⠀

Forever Aint Enough by J. Chary

I knew the moment I met her that she would be my wife. The question was how long would she make me wait to claim her as mine? -Xander

He saw me for everything I was and everything I thought I wasn’t. -Hayven

Closest Thing to Perfect by Kris Lashay:

In Summer Daze you were introduced to Amare and Kalea. Kalea let her guard down for a hot minute and her life spiraled out of her control. Her life has been turned upside down and she does what comes to her naturally. She shut down and shut Amare out. Little did she know that what was done in the dark was about to come to the light.After the Vegas fiasco, Amare went on with life as only he knew how. Imagine his surprise when he runs into Kalea and the secret she’s been carrying in the mall. His life is now about to change right before his eyes. Or is it? Someone is out to destroy Amare, but who could it be? Is the baby Kalea carrying Amare’s or is Ms. Innocent not so innocent after all? Secrets are exposed and the drama is right behind them. Who comes out of this illicit affair unscathed?

Finding Kristmas by Bella Jay

She returned home to find herself. He returned to bury his mom. Neither were looking for love but during Christmas time, love is always in the air.

Kristmas Kasey hasn’t been back to her hometown Bexley, GA since she left six years ago. She never thought she’d want to come back but after a series of misfortunate events she decided to come home to recenter and find herself during her favorite time of the year. Instead, she finds her high school sweetheart and feelings she thought were gone come crashing back.

Jonathan ‘Deuce’ Jacobs always hated home and avoided it like the plague but his mother’s rapidly declining health landed him back on its soil. The pressure to be great, the pressure to go pro, and the pressure to make something of himself were the only things he could remember about Bexley. And Kristmas. Kristmas had been his first everything and after they went their separate ways he never thought he’d see her again. But what’s Christmas in Bexley without Kristmas?

Finding Kristmas is a novella that takes two former lovers on a whirlwind holiday romance of reconnecting during a bittersweet time.

Holidaze by Bella Jay

Holidaze: the act of being so wrapped up in the joy and haze of the holiday magic, you might mistake something casual for something much more

Nola Brandy had one thing on her mind when she booked a two-week trip to a ski resort: write her book by any means necessary. And if that meant concocting a plan to make the stranger she was stuck with fall for her in order to get a story out of it, then so be it. Her plan was foolproof because Rubricks Anderson was far from her type. He was just collateral damage or at least that was all he was supposed to be.

The only thing that Bricks Anderson gave his time and attention to was his business. He’d made it a point to not get too close to anyone and women were no exception — even having sex with them had dropped off his radar. So when he laid eyes on the person he’s stuck in a car with for ten hours against his will, he’s conflicted about what to do about the instant attraction he has to her until she opens her mouth and he’s almost sure his body is out of its mind. Magnolia Brandy was too much of everything.

What starts out as a mutual dislike, quickly takes a turn for something neither Bricks nor Nola were expecting and once secrets are revealed, the true question remains: was all of it just a holidaze or was it real?

Ain't it Funny by C.Monet

Sutton Marcel was labeled the odd girl in school after her mother passed unexpectedly. Quiet and always in her thoughts, mean girls picked at her while the boys steered clear. Now, though, things are different. Seemingly overnight, she blossomed into a woman who knows who she is and how to get what she wants. Her clothing store, Suttonly Poppin, is her proof. However, an invitation to her high school reunion brings with it memories she’d prefer to erase. Although attending could give her the opportunity to show how drastically the tables have turned, she’s reluctant and not ready to relive the worst days of her life. But things change when she gets an unexpected visitor to her store.

Draven Rogers had big dreams in high school. He was slated to play pro ball but at the threshold of his dream, his big break ended up being the breaking of his heart. However, fizzled dreams couldn’t keep him down. He’s now the owner of a popular custom car shop. Still, he refuses to visit his hometown, fearful of being reminded and reminding everyone of his failed athletic career. When he runs into his old crush Sutton, he recalls what else he missed out on. Except this time, success seems possible. With the same drive he utilized to solidify his own success, he’s willing to utilize to get Sutton.

Sutton and Draven embark on a friendship bigger than the murmurs that brings them both out of hiding. But not everyone knows how to just let them be. Find out if Sutton and Draven will both run right into the swarm of love.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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