What makes your Soul Sing?

"Purpose is the reason that you do something, the reason in which something is created and is living. So understanding your purpose in life is truly essential in moving forward in living a life of clarity and happiness.

How do you find your purpose? YOU don’t. Your purpose is already within you."

~Love your Mind

TGIF! While everyone loves Friday, I myself laid in bed last night thinking about how awesome it would be to enjoy every single day like it was Friday. The act of "adulting" brings on a migraine for me at times. The idea of waking up going to that job I'm not thoroughly enthused with, but have to go to because it pays the bills is enough to sadden even the most positive person. I know there's a better way. I cant help but wonder what it feels like to wake up, grab a cup of coffee and go out and do what you love.

While I'm working on that for myself I'm sure there are others that aren't sure what they love to do. Maybe you are much like me LIFE happened and doing what you loved wasn't feasible, or maybe you had to stop school and haven't felt that kick to get back to it. Or maybe your life was planned out for you since birth, your mom already knew she wanted you to be a nurse and that's what you did, but secretly you love writing and wish to publish a book. The only way to enjoy everyday like its Friday is to do what you love everyday! Simple Right! But we know its not, especially when you don't even know what your purpose is. So while I encourage you to live in your purpose on purpose and make your passion your paycheck I want you to think about these questions that I also got from " Love your Mind Co. by Xerces".

1. What makes my soul sing?

2. What could I do for the rest of my life without getting paid to do it, but being able to still support my family solely on my purpose?

3. Aside from my family, what makes me wake up in the morning and puts a smile on my face?

4. What about myself drives my purpose?

5. What drives me each and every day that I may or may not already be doing in life?

Hopefully,these questions have kick started the search for your purpose within. Next step is living in your purpose on purpose while understanding life will happen. As one of my favorite bloggers would say " Be Intentional" purposely go after your purpose. I believe its truly possible to live a purpose filled life no matter the age or circumstance. I know for myself, that for years I didn't know what my purpose was. Doing what I loved was never a card in my hand. Life wouldn't let me be GREAT, but if I can be honest with myself I wouldn't let life make me GREAT.

On my journey to life an abundant purpose filled life, I pray you stop making excuses, pray on what you want, and get up and do it.

be you , do you, for you! Happy FRIDAY!

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