Y'all I need 2 FAVORS-

I myself love any holiday that allows me a free paid day from work. I mean to waking up late, BBQ's, cookouts, the fair, music and fireworks What's not to love? On this day I need like a few favors mostly 2.

1. Remember the reason for this holiday. Although we love and enjoy all the things that come with this holiday its just as important to remember why we have this holiday and those that are still fighting for our freedom as a nation. So while we cupid shuffle, put mustard on a hot dog, keep everyone up while we pop fireworks and enjoy our aunties potato salad remember how we got here and those that died.

2. Enjoy yourself and be safe.

Have fun today! I really wish you'd have some sort of fun everyday but hey ill take one day. You deserve it! Enjoy those beautiful annoying a** fireworks, make sure your Old Navy shirt is crisp (do they still make those? LOL ), enjoy your uncles BBQ (check his sandals), don't let your bougie cousin ruin your day thinking she better than everyone and don't let your drunk uncle Leroy start some shit. HAVE FUN but please be SAFE.

Ok wait I have one more request....... Stop shooting the fireworks when your city says!! LOL they give us a inch and we take a mile!!


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