You asked....

Ok, so this alternate ending and unedited. I just whipped this up for y'all because you asked and I love y'all lol. If you haven't read the book do not read!!!!


Heartbroken was a new emotion for me. Never had I experienced heartache or disgust such as this. I hadn’t dated, and I really blew this one. Momma only taught me one thing about dating… if a man was too good to be true, Run. But I couldn’t, it was impossible to pull away from the magnet named Tueveray.

“Why would he do that?” I screamed in the dressing room as the waterworks forced themselves down my cheek. He never gave any indication that he was capable of busting lips and getting into brawls. I cried more realizing I knew nothing about this man and now he had the most intimate part of me.

“K, you need to chill. That was a grown man you was fucking with. I watched the shit. He tried to walk away.” Kia admitted. It didn’t make me feel better. I watched him pummel that man over and over like a caged animal finally free. No matter the situation, I thought he would have more self-control. If not for himself, for me.

“He knew how much this meant to me and then he goes and does this.”

“Girl, listen this was for you not for him. If you enjoyed that shit let it be done.” Shawn coached. She was the more sensible friend, but after the day I had, it turned out he deserved that show. The show wouldn’t have been as fascinating without him opening me up and allowing me to see myself for the person I was. I had no idea of tonight’s outcome before going up but as I watched him stare in amazement the concern faded.

“I really liked him, so no I will worry about it.” I fussed.

“Well bitch why you sitting here crying like Theresa from Passions instead of going to him?” Kia asked. She was always trying to get me hitched and hooked up. I wasn’t ready until today. I never took dating seriously. I wasn’t ready for marriage, I still had point to prove. I still had living to do. However the way he took ownership of my body had me reconsidering all the shit I had planned previously.

“Because he’s a fucking monster.”

“Is he now?” She inquired. She looked at me with one eye cocked and I knew that look. I was afraid I would never find someone to meet me middle ground. I never wanted a church boy and I never wanted a bad boy. There had to be someone out there in the middle. I thought it was him. Until fifteen minutes ago, he had enough bad boy with a sprinkle of calm to have me ready to meet him at the altar.

“Yea he beat that man like he stole something.”

“Kavi, let me find out you want a bitch. I swear man, you get on my nerves.” She screamed.

“Shawn talk some sense into her. What he did was wrong.” I said waiting for her to play her role. She wasn’t budging, she had the same look Kia had. They had me feeling like I was wrong for expecting more from him. I knew I wasn’t, I didn’t need to be worried if every where we went he would act like a maniac with no control.

“Kavi, you’ve been sheltered your entire life. You don’t know what he’s been through and you judging him. You’ve never not one time had to deal with confrontation, don’t assume he would do what you would.” She preached.

“Me being sheltered isn’t my fault. That’s Mariah’s fault and now I’m paying for it.”

“True but with anything in life there will always be something. Do you want a saint? Because if so you picked the wrong man to pop that pussy for.” Kia exclaimed.

I packed up my bag, called an Uber and went home with their words on my mind. Deep down I knew how I felt and what I wanted. Tueveray was perfect for the day. But with his actions, I couldn’t be sure if he was good for more than that. My emotions were scattered. Right now, I was filled with a little joy, a little pain, confusion, and discontentment. Today was the first time that I hated how I was brought up. I was still in love with Jesus, but I hated that I was just now experiencing life on my own terms.

Finally home, the sadness kicked up a notch. It felt cold and lonely. I didn’t enjoy the things I seen around me. The pale color scheme of my house, the things perfectly placed, all of it symbolized my time before I met him and what I was going back to once my alarm went off in the morning.

Anger filled my body from top to bottom and I went crazy, ripping pictures off the wall, screaming and fussing at myself for not doing this sooner. I deserved to have a life that was controlled by me and me only. I deserved to be a normal kid, I deserved to listen to music that was terrible for me. I deserved to miss a few days of work, I deserved Tueveray and the time we had.

I was tempted to call my mother, but I knew I couldn’t with the state I was in. It wasn’t her fault, she did what she thought was best for me. I loved her for instilling right and wrong within me, but then I hated that she didn’t trust her teaching and let me into the world.

I showered, lit candles and allowed the soft tunes of Sabrina Claudio to put me in a deep slumber. I would focus on what I could tomorrow. I couldn’t do anything about how tonight played out. I could only hope I felt better and became wiser before the sun rose.


The entire walk home, I tossed the idea of going back and making her listen to me even if that meant I had to get on my knees. My anger got the best of me and may have cost me the best thing that had ever come into my life. Before today none of the things I did to get a rush mattered. The rush of Kavi was now my source. Without having her my head hung low, my shoulders slumped, and my blood moved through my veins like sluggish oil.

You fucked up… I said to myself as knocks came to my door. Alarmed but with the way my blood coursed through my veins I was ready for whatever. I peeped out the door, I saw my new friends Kia and Shawn on the other side. I sighed because Kavi was nowhere in sight.

“I didn’t mean to ruin her night,” I spoke as soon as I allowed them in. The way she looked at me the words she spoke to me increased my anger. It wasn’t my fault and I just knew she would see it that way. I was wrong and devastated about her reaction.

“We know that shit, but you will if you don’t come with us and make shit right.” Kia exclaimed with her hand on her hip. Shawn stood by agreeing and I didn’t know what they expected me to do. She made it clear that all that we shared today meant nothing.

“I am who I am and that may be too much for Kavi.” I said stepping back. It was true who I was didn’t fit with who she was or even destined to be. I thought her light could drive the darkness from me, but it wasn’t strong enough and now it was over.

“Ok well what about what you want? We finally seen a side of her that we can’t turn our back on. She needs you.”

What I wanted was to end the night the same way we started. Exploring each other and climbing walls. That’s how I anticipated ending the night and maybe the nights after that. Kavi had to want to see me for more than what the hell she seen at the club. I admit, it was a grave contrast as to who I showed her earlier, but I was a work in progress. The calm person I showed her was who I wanted to be. I wanted to walk hand in hand and share food, share my life and share my heart.

“I want Kavi, but she seen a side of me that would scare anyone.” I responded. They still stood there daring me to come up with more excuses. Kia and Shawn weren’t letting up and I knew damn well to get my shit and follow them. She probably wouldn’t want to see me but it was worth a try.

Doing just that, they explained that talked to Kavi and that she was still upset but with seeing me it may help now that everything had calmed down. Her being mad at me was not how I wanted shit to end. It was always a possibility that things would end but I didn’t want it to be because I behaved like an animal. It ending because the task had been completed was fine with me.

“That bitch aint scared she simple.” Shawn responded.

On the elevator my palms got sweaty and I started to turn back around. Her turning me away would kill me and kill the ideas I had of spending my life with her. After we made love for the first time it was evident that she was who God sent for me. Never had I met someone as captivating, loving and wise as her. She made everything seem small in comparison to how big her heart was. She had love for everything and everybody, that was why she was sent to me. She was absolutely correct that we both needed each other. We needed each other to start a new journey of self.

As the elevator alerted us that we reached our destinations and the doors slid open I got the surprise I was hoping for, there stood Kavi with her hair in wild bushy ponytail, black leggings and a white tank top. Her shoulders slouched as she played with her fingers.

“Let me apologize,” I spoke as I stepped from the elevator.

“Just kiss me, kiss me like you mean it.” She said jumping in my arms. Instantly my dick responded to her body. We had an audience but all I focused on was her lips on mine and her tongue dancing the tango. I rubbed her back and touched her neck gently. Damn I missed her, and it had only been a few hours since we departed. We pulled apart and everyone around started clapping and cheering.


Turns out that once the music stopped the voices telling me I didn’t need the drama stopped also. I was left to my thoughts of Tueveray. Thoughts of all the love scenes, the steamy and the warm parts. All the memories of the day came rushing back like a flood. I imagined his crooked smile, I imagined his arms around me, his soft kisses and the trails of passion he left on my body. I couldn’t turn them down no matter how many times I thought about how he beat that man senseless.

Getting up, I paced and wondered if I could remember to get back to his home without getting lost. The crimes of passion were powerful as it took me no time to recount my steps. It was like he mapped the location out on my body in order for me to always be able to get back to him. Truthfully my aching vagina led me to exactly where I needed to be. I stood in his lobby for a few minutes wondering how I would apologize and how I would take my harsh words back but before I could come up with anything the love of my life stepped out with my friends behind him.

He wanted to apologize, and I wanted to kiss, fuck the talking, fuck the apologies. We stood in the foyer kissing like it had been months instead of hours. The night was young, and I was feeling like a new woman. It would take way more than what happened at the club to make me turn my back on what we shared. On what I wanted to share.

“Ok so we leaving, y'all lovebirds have fun, call us in the morning.” Kia said stepping off the elevator and leaving the building. I stood staring up into his grey eyes. I thought about saying something but instead I led him into he elevator as we rode hand in hand and in silence to his floor.

The wooden door to his loft slammed loudly as he opened it and I knew this was exactly where I wanted to be.

“My birthday is over, and I still want you in my life.” I spoke with my back towards him. I felt his presence as he softly kissed the back of my neck. I moaned relishing in his delicate touch. I believed we were making the right decision. After all the reckless moves I made today something felt right without questioning it.

I truly wanted to let it go and never see his face again, but I was only fooling myself. Tueveray did things to me and my body that I would never ever find again, and I definitely only wanted to share myself with him over and over.

“I never wanted you to leave,” he whispered as his hands slide down into my pants. Kia always called these hoe pants, meant for easy access. That’s exactly what I wanted in more ways than one. I wanted him to have easy access to my heart, my love and my sex. I wanted him to love me without limits.

As he continued to play below the belt I leaned my head back on his shoulder, this feeling was why I was here. The closeness of our skin, our bodies. Emotions high and unable to form words. Just sounds. I threw my hands up around his neck giving him more access than he had before. One hand massaged my breast as the other continued to strum against my pearl. I was in bliss and no longer worried about the things that took place hours ago.

“Kavi, I apologize, and I mean that.”

“Shh, apologize with your mouth not with words.” I spoke, finally finding my words. Granted his words had the power to make me cum on sight but I wanted his tongue to apologize and make the horrible night all go away. I was still bothered by his actions but apart of me no longer cared. He was a man dealing with things I wouldn’t understand. There was no need for me to sit at home heartbroken when he had shown me that this was a part of him that scared himself. He warned me, and I pushed.

“Girl, why do you do this to me?” he moaned on my lips as he leaned to kiss me. I bite his tongue as I felt like I was about to explode. He applied more pressure and I blew like a hot spring. I collapsed in his arm and his strong arms scooped me up and carried me to the kitchen counter.

I started to remove my clothes, as he went to the refrigerator. Damn I loved the passion between us. Those grey eyes rolled like a storm coming to tear some shit up and I couldn’t wait. Punishment, I wanted to be punished for how I acted.

“Turn over,” he ordered. Doing as he told I turned over on all fours. I was cheering in my head because I knew what was coming. Shit was about to get kinky as fuck and that excited me. This time I was looking back and watching him as he went pound for pound with my flesh.

I watched him remove his shirt and pop a piece of ice from his mouth.

“Don’t move Kavi or I’m showing no mercy on the pussy.”

Still like a rock was how I sat on top of the counter as I felt the ice on my back, I tensed up from the sensation and that caused him to pop my left cheek. My heart started to beat quickly as he traced my back with the ice. He began to blow below me, and I was thankful his arms were long because the sensation of both the ice on my back and his finger wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

“I want you to spank me, Tuey.” I cooed as he stood and laughed. Was he mocking me? Or did I sound like a child?

“Hard or soft?” he asked as I wiggled my ass in his face.

“Punish me!” I said, as the sound of his massive hand smacking my ass sounded through the apartment. The sound was like a boomerang causing me to shudder once it came back.

“Turn around,” he ordered.

Laying on my back against the cool counter and my legs cocked, he appeared. The chocolate syrup began to be poured over my body. He spelled his name and began to lick it off in the most sensual way.

Sucking my breast caused me to squirm. The nerves in my breast went crazy as he continued to lick one and flick the other with his thin fingers. He poured more syrup as he moved down lower and lower licking as he trailed. The syrup didn’t stay long, he licked it up instantly.

As he got back to my pussy, he grabbed my legs and scooted me to the edge of the counter. He spread them as wide as they would go and dug in. My head went spinning from the initial lick and thereafter I forgot my own name. His name was the only name that mattered.

“Tueveray,” I screamed as he showed no mercy.

“No I’m a monster.” He said coming up and looking me in the eyes. Yea the pussy monster. I loved when he placed his hand on my stomach to keep me still. This time he wasn’t going to get the best of me. This time I was watching and letting him know I wasn’t a little virgin anymore that didn’t understand her body.

“No, no you aren’t. I didn’t mean it.” He was eating my pussy so good I started to take back everything I said at the club.

“I think you like when I’m a monster,” he said standing to his feet and ramming his dick in. I raised my legs and held them in my hands, his being close and having access was still on the forefront of my mind. As he thrust my body slide back, but in true nature he brought me back forcefully each time hitting that spot. “Do you like when I’m a monster?”

“Yes..Yes, “ I screamed as we both reached the end of the road. Grabbing my hands he sat me up and tossed me over his back. With a slap of the ass he carried me to the body. The scent of sex lingered, and I inhaled never wanting it to leave my nostrils.

In the bed, we cuddled up and passed out. I was calling out of work tomorrow just to stay in his arms. I declared I would have both, a wild night and lazy day both beginning and ending with Tueveray.


After all the shit that happened at the club I was glad she came back to me and allowed me to make shit right. The sun was starting to shine and as the blinds let the sun light shine through I smiled feeling blessed that I had her in my arms and all was forgiven.

I rubbed her stomach as she started to stir, she smiled up at me and jumped on top of me. I didn’t care about her morning breath or that we haven’t showered. This was raw and nasty, and I loved it. She slid down and rode me like porn star. Hair no longer constrained, she was confident, and she rolled her body and grinded nice and slow into my pelvis. I grabbed her neck and squeezed slightly, her eyes began to roll and it was a beautiful sight to see.

“I’m about to blow,” she mouthed. Allowing her ride the upsurge, I waited until she was finished as I tossed her around, grabbing her hair I hit it from the back until I reached my peak. We both rolled over out of breath.

“I think I love you Kavi.” It no longer felt like a foreign feeling. I loved her, and there was no taking it back. Love at first sight was real and I had it with me in the flesh. Beautiful, full of life and ready for the taking. She would calm me down and bring a certain harmony I hadn’t experienced.

“I love you too Tueveray Toussaint.” She said crashing her lips into mine.