She's a church girl. He's a bad boy.
Kavi Anne Conley’s twenty-fifth birthday starts off like a train wreck and seemingly gets worse as she bumps into Tueveray Toussaint. 
Tueveray Toussaint hails from London in hopes of calming down and taking a shot at adulting for once. The moment he lays eyes on the plain jane that walks into his coffee shop, he knows it’s him that must reveal the many hidden layers that has him enchanted. 
Accepting a challenge by her friends to kiss the first guy she sees, Tueveray leaves no room for Kavi to say no. One kiss seals the deal of him tagging along for the scavenger hunt set forth by her wild and free friends.
Every challenge goes against her morals and values, but she swears to give it her all or have nothing. 
Will one kiss seal the deal? Or will that one kiss cause all of her dreams to come to a screeching halt?



All or Nothing