Kashdyn Barnes is considered the black sheep of his family due to mistakes made in the past. He's endured and weathered his own storms. With access to all the material things money can buy, his life is safe and routine until one day, security alerts him of a banned visitor by the name of Lucki Rae. From the second he spots her, Kashdyn takes an instant liking to her dark eyes and mysterious soul. Her complexity leaves him willing to say screw the rules if it means he can see her unraveled and exposed for only him.  


Lucki can't help but let her pretty little fears of loving again and losing stand in the way of giving anyone a chance. She vowed to never let another man have her heart the way her child’s father did once he left. Any man coming near her will have to put in the work – if he can get close to her.  


 The ways she learned to stay under the radar are no match for the smooth-talking, humble yet intriguing Kashdyn Barnes. Both Kashdyn and Lucki have their own opinions on love and what it looks like for them. They understand, however, that it’s ultimately a gamble of the heart. Will they give in to the gamble of love and risk it all, or will their love be a bust? 

Gamble of the Heart

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