LaMia Abbott's whole life has been centered around her husband, Devontae. When he suddenly falls ill, due to a heart condition, her life is turned upside down in a way she never imagined. She did everything the right way--fell in love with the boy, saved her virginity for marriage, and then married the love of her life. With confusion entering the picture, her future with him is uncertain. 

The opportunity for new life presents itself for Devontae in the loss of another, but this new life comes with tragedy. When Devontae passes leaving her with one last goodbye gift, Mia doesn't know how she'll survive until she meets the brother of the heart donor --Haven Adams. What seems taboo for her is easy for Haven Adams. Mia, being a widow and pregnant, doesn't bother him because he believes in fate. Respectfully, Haven declares that he will have Mia to call his own no matter who it hurts or who finds it uncomfortable. 


With Mia and Haven crushing what seems to be loving recklessly, Mia's journey won't be an easy one. When it comes to the matters of the heart, there won't be a dry eye or a heart unfilled. Did love die for Mia when Devontae took his last breath? Or will this love be the love always meant for her?

His Heart, Your Love Paperback

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