2 jobs.1 for riches1 for her heart. A Thief and Librarian...Although they may seem like an unlikely pair when love is in the air and in search of a new host anything can happen. Sophee O' Shea is newly single after a long relationship with her bum of a boyfriend Dru. ends. Growing up in foster care she understands and values history but history was not as kind. After his countless excuses and broken promises she refuses to allow history to make a fool out of her anymore.  As she sets out to remove Dru from her life she runs in to the man who doesn't take no for answer. Deacon Sinclair is not afraid to take exactly what he wants, when he wants, from who he wants. In fact he wants it all and that includes Sophee. When he lays eyes on Sophee he knows that with her by his side the normal life he's dreamed of is on the horizon. With jealous friends, conniving exes and his secret on his back a few things will come and try to halt his plans. Will Deacon be able to steal her heart and have it all? Or Will Sophee be the challenge of a lifetime?

I Want It All: The Love Heist

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