A ‘Good Morning, Beautiful’ text has the potential to kick start a glorious relationship. Often times it’s the first sign that you may be dealing with a true gentleman. It just so happens that Ignacio Porter created a new wave of alarm systems with women in mind. What started out as a joke among friends has turned him into a millionaire with clients stretching across the world. Women are signing up in droves to receive what Charlotte Wright thinks is a sure sign of desperation, a call in the morning from a man you don’t know. 

Ignacio is about his business and believes in structure and boundaries. When one employee threatens that structure, he is forced to fire him and take over his clients until he can be replaced. Charlotte is in his sights, but it would make him a hypocrite and that title doesn’t fit him well. 

Charlotte is a divorce attorney, single mother, and on the verge of losing her run for partner with her carefree attitude towards attendance. A trusted friend signs her up unbeknownst to her and she is left to decide if she will become a part of the desperate tribe or allow it to change her life in a major way. 

A hot fling is not her idea of romance but after one phone call its clear to both Ignacio and Charlotte that they may have sparked something with a simple good morning. But obstacles arise when the true colors are exposed by outside influences.  Is love on the line for Charlotte and Ignacio? Or will rules not meant to be broken cause them to disconnect?

Line to my Heart

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