Although heartbreak is a thing of the past for Kali Kyng, she is still dealing with the remnants of loving the wrong guy that told a couple of lies. Working and minding the business that pays her, Kali is closed off and not interested in having her heart toyed with again. It won't matter how fine a man is, it won't matter how well he can speak, it won’t matter his occupation because she isn't interested. 
Her ex-boyfriend, Deon, shows up fresh out of jail to make amends when a stranger steps in and saves her. Pardison is all for playing the game until he decides it's not a game for him. Loving Kali harder than she's ever been loved before is his new task and goal until she gives in. 
Love won't come easy for them both with Deon playing games and willing to tear anything that makes Kali happy apart. Loving a boy and a man are different, and Pardison is up for the challenge. Kali is fearful but gives in after a little persistence. 
A connection is made, but just when everything seems perfect, the idea of the man she has given her heart to is altered. Will love come easy for Pardison and Kali? Or will the hardships of love and pain tear them apart?

Love Dont Come Easy

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