Seveyn and Raakesh are back in the second installment of Own It with a jovial Seveyn ready to begin her life free of planners and control with a true love in her heart. Life is supposed to be a breeze with a man like Raakesh in her life but that cool breeze turns into gusty winds once she realizes Chad is back to his old tricks. 
Chad is doing his best to tear everything Seveyn is working toward down for his own selfish gain. Still a bum, he works overtime attempting to turn everyone against her. Chad is clever and uses the people closest to Seveyn to try and get her attention. 
Raakesh is fed up with Chad and ready to make an example out of him. He is still doing his best to reassure Seveyn that he has her best interests at heart but with everything happening loyalty is questioned. Will Seveyn and Raakesh make it after Chad tries to bring them down?

Own It: The Sequel