In the jaw-dropping finale of Serene Chaos, chaos continues to brew in Serene’s life as she prepares for a unexpected new beginning while attempting to close a few past chapters. 
She finally welcomes the love that Rex has for her and lets her guard down to receive it. 
The life that she’s always wanted but never felt like she deserved is upon her. However things are turned upside down in her life all in a blink of an eye.
At what was supposed to be a celebration, Serene is placed in a situation that she alone, can’t get herself out of.
Serene Chaos is a page turner that will leave you wondering what, why, and when as you reach the end. 
Is Serene really safe? Will she ever find out who her father is or will her mother keep the secret for a little while longer? Is Rex the one for her? In the finale of Serene Chaos you will find out! 

Serene Chaos II Paperback


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