Zoey Lucas lived in two unique worlds traveling between both easily with just the opening and closing of her eyes. One was real life, work, school and being a twenty-four-year-old woman in Coupeville. The other was spent fantasizing and waiting for her boss to notice her and give her the high she was desperately looking for. She wants Onyx and the only thing stopping her is her job title.

Onyx is no stranger to women falling all over him. However, he knows mixing business with pleasure never works. But when it's brought to his attention that Zoey is interested, he can't help but reconsider his stance for the beautiful, progressive Zoey.

Will the heat be turned up in Suite 202? Find out in Suite Heat. 



LaMia Abbott's whole life has been centered around her husband, Devontae. When he suddenly falls ill, due to a heart condition, her life is turned upside down in a way she never imagined. She did everything the right way--fell in love with the boy, saved her virginity for marriage, and then married the love of her life. With confusion entering the picture, her future with him is uncertain.

Suite Heat Novella