At thirty-years-old, Cynthia imagined she’d be married and even possibly on her way to being a mother if she wasn’t already. Slowly but surely, she’s been on a mission to knock things off her list. She has the career, the home, and the cars, but the one thing she is lacking is a love of her own.

Her fifteen-year-old pact with her best friend, Timothy, should solidify her last mission, however, on a dinner-date gone wrong, she finds out that Timothy has already planned to get married to someone else - his fiancée - Melanie.

Heartbroken and ready to give up on love, Cynthia’s mother steps in and introduces her to a kind, ambitious man named Shawn. Shawn has love and marriage on the brain and is ready to take Cynthia to new heights if she’ll let him. Timothy has a hard time letting Cynthia go once he finds out how hurt she is, and if he doesn’t step in quickly, he’ll lose Cynthia for good.

Melanie is pushing him to make plans for their wedding, and Timothy does his best to make her happy while still trying to accommodate Cynthia’s feelings, but she’s no longer pressed over what Timothy wants. For once, she’s putting her wants and needs first, and Timothy’s lack of acceptance for how he feels for Cynthia might force her down the aisle before him if he doesn’t run towards his feelings for the woman he’s truly in love with.

The Pact: To Have and To Hold

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