Forgiveness is said to be for the wounded, the played, and the jaded but sometimes it requires more than a simple thought. It requires will, action and work. 

Sage Lowe is smacked with reality when her dream job puts her on administrative leave for a mishap that happens on her surgery table. Down in the dumps, she picks herself up and decides to capture what she’s been missing while she gave her life and heart to Mount Clear Hospital. Venting to a friend, the perfect man with the perfect body approaches with promises of putting a smile on her face. Leery, she can't help but feel like she owes it to herself to do something for herself.

Kyree has a soft spot for women and doesn't realize that this is the cause of his many brewing troubles. When he spots Sage he can't help but want to lock her up and make all of her troubles disappear. It would do him justice to spend time being in the presence of a beautiful woman while he is also in a rough spot due to a family emergency but falling for her was never in the plans.

Spending time together has consumed them both. It’s consumed them so much that the truth has been buried, and when exposed the will to forgive becomes harder than expected. Will the will to forgive be mastered or will this love connection be severed from lies and dishonesty?

The Will To Forgive

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