In the final installment of the Love Under New Management series, we finish up with Belize – the youngest member of the crew but probably the most damaged. Belize Osbourne has her own struggles that make a life of love seem unreachable. They say pretty hurts and as beautiful as she may be, she has some ugly truths that catapult her into a downward spiral. Dawn offers her a job she can’t turn down.  Dooney has been in her line of sight from the very beginning, and he too has trust issues and his own story of the struggle. Dooney has baggage, and bringing Belize in to help him get to the next level of his boxing career is the last thing he wants to do.With Belize being pushy and knowing she's the best one for the job, she pushes and inserts herself into his life against his wishes. Eventually, he sees how special she is and lends a helping hand to fight her demons but tragedy hits and causes them to hit pause. The tables turn and both have to find themselves alone so they can be dangerous together. Find out if love will knock them down but be so strong that it also picks them back up.

Worth the Fight


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