Dahlia Sparks has suffered enough within her twenty-two years on earth. Big sister and guardian of her family, she is thrown to the world without a harness, no guidance, and no help. Dahlia is not afraid to get her hands dirty or do the unthinkable to make sure her and her sister aren’t separated. 

Love is foreign and get it by any means reigns supreme for her. Raising her sister was her only concern, but as her sister Deja prepares to set sail on her own journey, Dahlia is forced to focus on picking up the pieces and finding her own way. 

What was supposed to be a favor for his little brother turns into so much more as Ty'Key spends time peeling back the layers of Dahlia Starks. Ty' Key Patterson is handsome, strong, and willing to suffer the catastrophe of any damage Dahlia brings his way as long as she is. 

Both alike in so many ways, they run into different situations that could not only damage them personally but damage a long standing friendship. Will they be able to clean up the damage or crumble like ashes amongst the rubbish?

You Could Do Damage Paperback

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